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  • Katie Tuma 'Relentless' Event on September 19

    relentless-kateThis Friday, join us in supporting a local mother in the midst of battling thyroid cancer, and a family that has been an unshakable force in the wake of a terrible disease.

    Thoughts and prayers are always welcome when dealing with such a disease, but there is nothing like having a supportive community gather around you. Come be a part of the relentless campaign this Friday night at Goodlife Brewing in Central Oregon. We will be holding a fundraiser, concert and auction to support this amazing lady and her family, to help them battle a monster that no one should have to deal with.

    There will be food, drinks, music, items for sale and best of all: the beautiful people of our community supporting the ever-relentless Katie Tuma. This is a family friendly event and everyone is welcome!

    You can join our Relentless Event on Facebook, and keep up to date with how Katie and her family are doing through the Relentless Kate Blog or the Relentless Kate Facebook page!

    100% of the net proceeds from the sales of our Nashelle 'Relentless' Necklace go to support Katie Tuma and her beautiful family! You can buy this necklace online, but we will also be bringing a small number to the event on Friday night.

    Friday Night, 5pm - 9pm
    Goodlife Brewing
    70 SW Century Drive
    Bend, OR 97702

    Why Katie Chose the Word 'Relentless'

    We chose the word 'Relentless' for many reasons. We relentlessly pursue our faith in Christ and He pursues us relentlessly. He never has given up on our little family. We "relentlessly" love each of you and so many who are affected by cancer or any other disease, and want to reach out. We are "Relentless" in this fight against cancer or anything in our daily lives.


  • Why I Design...

    'Heather, do you have any questions?' Is all I vaguely remember hearing. The question the highly recommended neuro surgeon asked me after he delivered Gavin's cranial synostosis diagnosis to me. Sitting in a small room with two chairs, my head was back against the wall, and all I could utter was my first and only question. 'Have you ever lost anyone on the table during this type of surgery.'

    His words. 'Yes, one. A little boy'.

    I lost my body and I collapsed.

    All I remember from that day forward was having papers handed to me which acknowledged that I was ready to go forward, that I was aware of the potential that my son, 5 months old, may not make it off the table. Knowing I didn't have a choice, I signed. At the same time, I began to spiral out of reality.

    I went home and had only a few weeks to prepare. With my 4 year old, my 2 year old and my 5 month old on my hip and work now accelerating faster than I could imagine it was hard not to ask why this was happening to my family. To my sweet little boy. The demand to design the next season was pressing on my to do list. I could hardly see straight. Every day felt like I was on a slippery slope closer to the October 13th surgery date. Would I lose him? Why did this happen? I could not place my fear.


    5 years ago, as I was trying so hard to keep it all together...work, family, design and while preparing for this eminent surgery, I decided to tuck my babies in for the night and hop in my car. I drove (on what felt like a numb autopilot) to my warehouse and at midnight let the energy take over. As soon as I stepped inside, I surrounded myself with my tools, with metal, with stone and I began to process all my fears in a way that I had not allowed myself to do in a long while. The conversations with the surgeons drilled through my mind. The endless questions ran rampant. The ones I had been too scared to ask myself. I cried. I prayed. I sat still. I stared at the wall. Then, I picked up the hammer....

    I remember unwinding the coil of metal, and setting the mandrel on my desk as time seemed to stop. A peace rushed over me and I slammed that hammer hard into the metal. I twisted the coil, manipulated the metal as I watched the designs come alive. I released every ounce of love, of fear, of passion...all the questions which had no answers with every swing of my arm. As the peace took its hold, beauty was manifesting itself back at me. The design delivered by heartfelt fear and heartache. Together, the energy that unfolded that night, my hands and the materials I used produced an incredible cuff collection that still takes my breathe away when I look at it because it vividly brings me back to that healing night when I was able to stand still in time and make sense of the journey I was embarking on with my son. The world allowed me to become at peace and to understand that whatever was to happen, it would be ok. His surgery was a big success, my Gavin is a thriving silly little boy, and I am a beyond grateful Momma.Coil bracelet-handmade bracelet

  • Jubilee "Krush" Necklace and Jasprey "Krush" Bracelet

    Our Jubilee ‘Krush’ Necklace will be featured in the October 2014 issue of Family Circle Magazine! And our Jasprey ‘Krush’ Bracelet on this week’s Accessories Magazine Trend Finder of the Week!

    Family Circle Oct 2014 InsideFamily Circle Oct 2014 Cover

    Both of these handmade pieces of unique jewelry are from our mixed metals collection, Krush.  Our Jubilee Necklace is great for layering or wearing solo, and complements the Jasprey Bracelet perfectly.  Our mixed metals collection of fashion jewelry for women is perfect for Fall with it’s oxidized and gold or silver toned metals.


  • To: Anthropologie, With Love: Nashelle

    We just shipped out a huge order of our Octagon Hoops for Anthropologie! Every single pair of earrings was hand made by several of our amazing production crew members!  We are so in love with the simple style of these 14K Gold Fill hoops, and can't wait to see them online and in stores!

    Anthropologie hand made earrings gold earrings

    We hand craft every piece of jewelry with a lot of love so that you can enjoy your custom keepsake for years to come.  These octagon hoops are no different.  Every piece of wire was cut by hand. Every bend  in the earrings, done by hand. Every stroke of the hammer by one of our own.  It was all done by hand. By us. With love. We hope you enjoy these hand made gold earrings as much as we loved making them.

    Anthropologie hand made hoop earrings gold earrings

    For every piece of jewelry sold, Nashelle will donate 1 plate of food to local charity Neighbor Impact, or national charity Feeding America. You will know that with every piece you buy, you are helping to put food on the table of families not only in our community here in Bend, but also across the country! ♥♥

  • 15 Years Of Creating Jewelry With Love

    Written by Heather Nashelle Straw



    This month, marks my 15th year with my jewelry company, Nashelle. This dream of hand making my jewelry and sustaining the local community, I started on my own as grass roots from the ground up.  <3 So much love, sweat and tears have gone into my love and passion for Nashelle and I am now blessed to have an insanely incredible and talented team.... Perfection! <3 As we quickly grew into a globally sold company, I am still honored and in complete awe to see our continued growth. <3 We now sell to over 700 stores world wide, ranging from specialty boutiques to department stores. <3 Nordstrom being one of our strong supporters is currently KILLING it with one of our first designs ever created, our signature 'Identity' charm necklace. I love watching our collaboration with them explode! <3 15 years later, I am so grateful for the continued love and strong support that my sweet company receives locally and across the globe. It means so much to myself and my team. <3 Much love, thanks and respect.

    xo - Heather

  • Working Mothers

    Written by Julie Buchanan

    There was a time in our culture’s not so distant past where the image of a mother conjured up beautifully manicured, perfectly polished women who doted lovingly on their children, husbands, extravagant three course-meal planning and overly floral home decor... day in and day out. Not a hair was out of place, nor a skirt un-pressed as these mothers of yesteryear busied themselves with the daily tasks of making their home life, their only life. Being beautiful meant not only looking beautiful each and every day, but also making your family, home, and life, well, a matching sort of beautiful. Picture perfect in every way was the goal, and it was a full-time job for these mothers. Fast forward to today. Women still want to make their lives beautiful of course. They still begin each day by looking for ways to be beautiful and to find and create beauty in themselves. But today's mother just has more on her plate. She doesn't have time to spend every waking second on beauty. She is up at dawn, to bed at midnight, juggling the demands of the ever-constant work/life balancing act, and hoping to walk the tightrope of the working mom's life looking fabulous and effortless all at once.
    heather-personalized-jewelryHere at Nashelle we play our part in helping the working mother achieve her not always required to be perfect balance across that tightrope because we are made up of many ourselves. We get it. From bouncy seats in the office of our Founder Heather Straw, to the custom-built nursery room; many of our team’s children have grown up right alongside their mothers, making motherhood an integral part of Nashelle’s earliest growth. Breast-feeding, bottle-warming and diaper changing have been a very normal backdrop to our days that are also filled with designing and handcrafting gorgeous pieces of jewelry for you, the versatile mother of today. Throughout our organization, you will find a mother at the beginning and end of what makes Nashelle a success story for the working mom, and for any mom who knows what its like to juggle it all. We can all agree, without mothers and their seemingly magical powers, this life would be a lot less beautiful. We at Nashelle truly understand this. We understand the compromises, the sacrifices and the many choices that today's working mother makes every single day for herself and her family. We understand what it means to be able to move seamlessly through each day- from mommy in sweat pants in the car line, to career woman in the office wearing wedges that go great with my favorite hammered metal bracelet and wire wrapped stone ring to highlight the tones in my blouse, to ‘lead homework cheerleader’ with my hair messily tossed up in a ponytail showing off that great pair of versatile hand stamped star-shaped studs, to an evening work party adorned in glammed-out statement bangles and modern classic earrings, and then finally on to nighttime story snuggles in jammies, no makeup, and only my prized identity necklace with each child's initials treasured lovingly around my neck. We mothers of today tuck our most prized jewels in for the night feeling perhaps a little wiped out- but so incredibly lucky.


    Today's mother wants to look as beautiful as she feels inside while she moves through the many changing roles of her day. Beauty is empowering. It creates a sense of balance, especially for today’s working mother; as she is able to take on the many transitions from home to work and back again while still looking effortlessly put together. Is today's mother picture perfect like the previous era of well-coifed women with their hand-sewn floral print skirts that matched their drapery and nothing, not even car lines and homework seemed to wipe them out? Well, perhaps not. But today's working mother doesn't have to be perfect. Today is all about being real. Being honest with ourselves is the secret. Embracing the demanding life of a mother with real expectations is the key. And accepting that a fantastic pair of earrings matched with a now banana-smudged pair of jeans from the morning's breakfast antics, along with a great top layered with a few bold statement necklaces is really the 'perfect' look to say to the world- "Life may not be picture-perfect, but imperfect is totally worth it. Beauty takes effort. And man do I pull it all off with the help of a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry to make me feel balanced and truly beautiful." Matching floral drapes and a bubbling hot casserole optional.

  • Fashion Feeding Hunger

    personalized jewelry, handmade jewelryWritten by Julie Buchanan

    Heather Nashelle Straw wears many hats every single day. Designer, Business Founder, President & CEO of Nashelle Jewelry, Philanthropist-but she will tell you that her most prized hat is that of Mom. Heather has four children and nothing is more important to her than making sure they are healthy, happy and thriving. Which at the most fundamental level; means making sure her children are always fed. This is her number one priority. That mother hat drives her to want to do more for the children, families and individuals that do not have enough food in her own community and beyond. Heather’s livelihood and sense of center has stemmed from feeding her two greatest passions in life: providing for her family and creating beautiful personalized jewelry. For Heather, nothing is more satisfying than being able to merge the two by extending the love that she pours into her family and her business, out into the world to those in need. Heather was touched and inspired by what she found. It was from this nurturing spirit, that she was inspired to do more and give back, and that is how Nashelle’s One Plate was born.

    As Nashelle sought to find others who shared this passion to feed the hungry, we were able to team up with Feeding America and Neighbor Impact; two organizations dedicated to making a difference just like Heather, one plate at a time. Today, for every piece of handmade jewelry purchased, one plate of food is donated through these two hard-working organizations helping to feed the hungry- and not just in our back yard, but across the country. It is exciting and inspiring for us to share with you that to date there have been over 70,000 plates of food served across the nation made entirely possible through purchases of Nashelle jewelry!

    A special note from our Founder, Head Designer, President, and most of all, a truly dedicated Mother to those in need, Heather Nashelle Straw:

    While we all love a good piece of jewelry, a beautiful item that when we wear it, it brings us happiness; I want you each to know how much happiness you bring to me when I think of the contribution you are making in the lives of those in need with your purchase. It feeds my soul to know that people are not only enjoying my designs, but helping me contribute in a way that is near and dear to my heart. With that said, I wanted to thank you for supporting this cause and for allowing me to continue doing what I love!

    To learn more about how you can help in your community, go to Feeding America and Neighbor Impact.

    This article can also be viewed on newswire

  • Express Yourself With Nashelle's Describe Yourself Identity Necklace

    Express yourself with our bar identity necklace and put your best fashion statement forward! They’ll never be at a loss for words when describing your sense of style if you are wearing this conversation piece. This hand stamped Describe Yourself Identity Necklace is sure to be an attention getter. Get the conversation started with this flattering personalized pendant that measures 2” long and ¼ “ tall on a stunning 16" chain in 14kt gold fill or sterling silver. Let the world know who you are! What will you say?

    Describe yourself series

    Cassie Scerbo IDN86 B Cassie Scerbo IDn86 8-27-14 Nashelle-201

  • New Elegant and Affordable Jewelry for Fall from Nashelle.com – LUXE

    Jewelry designer Nashelle announces its new line of handmade, personalized and hand stamped pieces for the Fall season of 2014 which they have dubbed ‘Luxe.

    Luxe 1

    Many of these exciting and bold new pieces begin with brilliant bezel set stones, and each includes that signature one-of-a-kind, Nashelle twist. The pieces range from romantic handmade necklaces and bracelets to dramatic earrings and rings that show off a more sophisticated elegance, which carry effortlessly from every day to red carpet-ready.

    These stones come in an array of brilliant colors and hues and vary in size, creating pieces of jewelry that appear both unique and elegant without being overly expensive. Most pieces in the Nashelle Luxe line for Fall 2014 range between fifty and one hundred and fifty dollars, making them very affordable and accessible for every woman in every occasion to look and feel luxurious. Beyond the magnificent stones, each piece is available in a 14 karat gold fill, sterling silver or brass. The stones are bezel set in gold plated silver and sterling silver, giving each piece a wide variety of options and glam versatility.Luxe Earrings

    Take the ‘Capistrano Luxe’ necklace, for example. This piece is a teardrop pendant necklace that looks like a vintage piece of art deco jewelry reminiscent of a bygone era. There are hand-wrapped stones in the chain that compliment any outfit and is the ideal necklace for layering or even wearing as a stand-alone statement piece for a more dramatic-seeking ensemble. There is a wide variety of bezel set stone options in this colorful collection, ranging from dyed emerald, labradorite, dyed ruby, swiss blue hydro quartz, aqua chalcedony, clear quartz or black onyx. There is also an option of gold fill with gold plated silver stone or sterling silver. All of these options can be chosen on their clean and smartly designed website Nashelle.com.

    Nashelle was founded by Heather Straw, a native of Alaska, who has called Central Oregon home for nearly twenty years. Straw always dreamed of seeing her designs come to life, but she may have once considered herself to be more of a dress maker or shoe designer while she was growing up, and dreaming up, all the beautiful pieces that would later adorn the world. Straw soon found herself drawn to the making of jewelry, and over time, her passion quickly grew to a laser-sharp focus. After she studied metal arts at the University of Alaska Southeast, a whole new world of design was opened up to her and she had found her calling. Heather became inspired by the simplicity of the combination and relationship between metal and stone. This theme is prevalent through all of Nashelle’s lines. The designs brought forth seem to flow naturally and to their own completion through their metal and stone combinations, just as the Northwest landscapes Straw was and is inspired by combine a raw beauty and power, the pieces that make up Nashelle bring a keen eye for untamed nature and the mixing of precious metals together to produce an unparalleled and individual style.Luxe 3

    Straw regularly changes color and design based on the seasons with which she and her team is inspired by, which is why the Luxe Fall line of jewelry features particular warmth in the hues of the stones and metals. Being based in Central Oregon, where the changing seasons offer breath-taking color palettes, it is from nature where the jewelry inherits its pronounced effect by Nashelle designs. Heather Straw is also always paying attention to women’s styles, which also change on a seasonal basis and from year to year. She realizes that no two days are alike in the life of an individual woman seeking to adorn herself in something beautiful and inspiring, and that is why Nashelle designs handmade jewelry that is just as unique, with no two pieces exactly alike.

    Heather Straw founded Nashelle.com 14 years ago in her living room, creating jewelry by hammering away at her small table, and literally selling it off her own neck. Five years into the business, after her first son was born, she decided out of necessity and relying on those laser sharp instincts, to take her burgeoning little business to the national level and begin selling her handmade jewelry wholesale. And In 2006, Straw leased a warehouse in Bend, Oregon to facilitate the growth of her then just blossoming company, a personal and professional leap of faith. It paid off. The company now has grown to a team of over 20 jewelry designers, makers and essential in-house team members, with each employee bringing a new talent to the far-reaching Nashelle brand. It has steadily become a global fixture in the jewelry industry where homegrown, handmade, and nature-inspired beauty for all still feels as if it were custom-made just for you by hand; because it is. That is the magic behind Nashelle.

    Heather Straw insists on sticking to her roots of handmade jewelry, by not mass producing or outsourcing anything. Rather, each piece is made to order, with the same love and commitment Straw had when she was creating her own jewelry in her living room over a decade ago. It is her commitment for every piece from Nashelle.com to stay that way well into the future.

    Visit Nashelle's website

    See the press release at newswire.net.

  • Go Back to School in Style!

    Go Back to School in Style!

    It’s been a great summer and whether you worked hard at that new job or just worked hard on your self-tanner technique our handcrafted jewelry will accentuate your summer glow as you head back to school.


    Heading back to school is always filled with new possibilities! New classes, new friends and new opportunities. We want to help you make this your best school year ever and jump to the head of the class with your fashion forward sense of style. Our handmade pieces will personalize that new outfit or update your favorite look in a unique way. Want to start off the new semester with a new look? Our fine handcrafted pieces are the perfect accessory to add to your fall fashion collection.

    We know you will cherish our timeless hand stamped monogramed Initial Identity Necklace as much as we do. You can monogram this stunning piece with your own initials or those of the ones you love. Wear this with a pointed collared dress for a look that is so hot right now. It’s 17 ½ “chain is the perfect length for the hand stamped brushed metal charm to peek out from between the collar points and will make this on-trend look extra special. Available in 14Kt gold fill or sterling silver and 14kt rose gold fill.

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