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  • New Year Resolutions for 2015!

    We’re already three weeks into the New Year!! We’re loving every minute of 2015, but we’re amazed at how fast it’s already speeding by, and it’s time to take advantage of this New Year madness to get our 2015 resolutions in order.

    Here are a few of our resolutions for the twelve months of 2015… what are some of yours?


    We are constantly getting inspiration from the world around us—from stones to trees and skyscrapers to sandcastles. Our designers take from the world around us to make beautiful things, and we love that there is so much to enjoy in the world around us.

    Letting yourself be inspired seems like an odd resolution, but there is something to be said for taking walk and letting the fresh air breathe new life into your skin. For taking a moment to watch a river flow by and imagine how it could change you, or the way you think. For listening to a symphony and giving yourself a chance to let it give your soul new life.

    We resolve to be inspired by the everyday!


    This resolution is at the core of Nashelle’s vision. For every piece of jewelry we make, we donate to organizations that feed the hungry. We also have various programs that support families dealing with cancer, women entrepreneurs in third world countries, and Anti-Bullying campaigns. But there is so much more that this world needs, and we want to help however we can!

    be-the-change-sara-bareilles hope-necklace kids-copper-necklace

    We’re excited to expand our Anti-Bullying campaign in this New Year, working with amazing organizations like The Farley Project and Legacy X to help kids who are being bullied, as well as spreading the mission of love and kindness in schools!


    This has got to be one of our favorite resolutions… trying new things! A little vague, perhaps—but exciting all the same. We took a step into the realm of new things this month, with the launch of our new line, Omni! This line is very different from our more famous personalized jewelry, but it’s a fun step in a new direction for us!

    OB4-octagon-geometric-bracelet ON6-four-hexagon-gold-necklace OR4-hexagon-ring-outline

    We’re also really excited about our new sister company that joined Nashelle back in 2014, Ija! If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at their website yet, be sure to visit www.ijadesigns.com and see what they have! We love everything about this company, and we’re excited to see them expand in the New Year.

    What are some of the resolutions that you have for the New Year? Share with us on Facebook, we want to hear from you!

  • NeighborImpact Helping Residents in Central Oregon

    It takes a dedicated community to step forward and say, "We will not let our people go hungry." Showing compassion and love for our fellow humans enriches the body and soul, and Central Oregon is great at giving back.

    Throughout Central Oregon, people have a place to turn to, because organizations are ready to help make a difference. NeighborImpact is one of those not-for-profit organizations, dedicated to helping families at every stage of their lives. NeighborImpact empowers individuals and families to better their lives, so they can become successful in what they do, and provide a safe and healthy lifestyle for their children. Operating since 1985, this nonprofit provides a wealth of services for people in need.

    NeighborImpact provides housing assistance, heating and energy assistance, and childcare resources—and they also provide a regional food bank for individuals and families who struggle to put meals on the table. NeighborImpact gathers food from businesses and individuals in our community, and distributes them to local food pantries in the Central Oregon region.

    Showing compassion and love for people is always a worthwhile endeavor, and as we band together to help the less fortunate, the community grows stronger as a whole. Organizations like NeighborImpact make a daily difference for people who are in need, and we love being able to be a part of what they do.

    For every piece of jewelry that leaves the Nashelle warehouse, we donate a plate of food through NeighborImpact locally, and Feeding America nationally. We are so blessed to have an amazing local organization like NeighborImpact in our community, and we love that we’re able to help support the less fortunate in the Central Oregon cities!

    Help us support NeighborImpact by donating to their organization, or getting involved through volunteer efforts! Visit their website at www.neighborimpact.org, and spread the love!

    xo, the Nashelle team


  • Marsala – the Pantone Color of the Year

    The turning of the New Year is always exciting—there’s champagne, glitter, high heels, fireworks and dancing! But an overlooked part of the New Year is also pretty fantastic: the new Pantone Color of the Year!

    This year we’re especially excited by the color chosen, because the deep reds and browns in Marsala make for gorgeous stones, in our Ruby and Garnet stone mixes.

    Meet Marsala, the Pantone Color of 2015!


    The red and brown tones of Marsala are gorgeous paired with most colors! Marsala nails with a black dress, marsala lipstick against skin tones, marsala eye shadow with a brown liner—it’s the perfect layering color!

    Nashelle in Marsala

    Our Ruby and Garnet mixes are the stones that match Marsala best! A few examples are below (from our Luxe, Signature and Charisma collections) of our favorite Marsala jewelry—we just can’t get enough of this color.

    stone-earring-marsala stone-gold-marsala-ring  earring-marsala earrings-marsala marsala-bracelet  marsala-earring-set marsala-gold-bracelet  marsala-ring marsala-purse

    Marsala on Celebrities

    We aren’t the only ones obsessing over Pantone’s new color of the year! Celebrities are rocking Marsala like crazy, and we’re loving it! Here are a few shots of celebs who have already worn the Marsala color—before Pantone even chose it!

    beyonce-marsala amy-adams-marsala blake-lively-marsala marsala-kate-hudson taylor-swift-marsala

  • Golden Globe Styles of 2015

    Another year, another award show! Not that we’re complaining—we were definitely curled up with a glass of wine on Sunday, watching the Golden Globes and giggling every time Tina and Amy spoke. We can’t get over how adorable those two are!

    And of course, we were so excited to see who won! Naturally, Birdman took home a globe or two, but we were surprised to see new show Jane the Virin snag one as well! The obvious winner of the night was Boyhood... three Golden Globes? Since it took them twelve years to create that movie, we feel it was well-deserved. We were really excited to see The Grand Budapest Hotel take the Best Comedy award—such a brilliant movie!

    But the biggest part of the night for us has to be the Golden Globe styles. The red carpet portion of the night is the part where we’re on the edge of our seats, watching colors and metals and beautiful people walk by! The interviews, the nail shots, the fashion faux pas and the “oooh” moments—that’s what we live for!

    As a fashion brand, we get a lot of inspiration from the red carpet! Celebrities tend to be the trend-setters for upcoming fashion movements, and award show season is the best for that!

    Below are a few of our favorite moments from the Golden Globe Red Carpet:

    Emma and Lorde rocked the pant look this year—and if anyone can pull it off, it’s definitely those two!

    emma-golden-globe-red-carpet lorde-golden-globe-2015

    Amal, Jennifer, Gina and Patricia ROCKED that all black on the red carpet...

    amal-clooney-golden-globes gina-virgin-golden-globes jennifer-ANNISTON-GOLDEN-GLOBES patricia-golden-globes

    But we have to say - those colored gowns are some of our favorites!

    anna-kendrick-golden-globes golden-globe-gowns golden-globes-2015 golden-globes-amy-adams maggie-gyllenhall-golden-globes

    Now that the Golden Globe award show is over, we’re just holding our breath for the Oscars! The nominees were announced today, but we’ll have to wait until February 22 for the red carpet event!

  • Nashelle Holiday Fan Photos

    We were so excited to see all your beautiful pictures of the Nashelle you received over the holidays!!! We adore all of these photos, and the wide variety of Nashelle jewelry everyone received this holiday!

    Thank you for giving back this holiday season!

    For every piece of jewelry sold at Nashelle, we donate one plate of food through Neighbor Impact and Feeding America! Learn more at our What We Stand For page.

    Do you have a photo?? Upload it to our Facebook page or tag @nashelledesigns on Instagram so we can add it to our blog post!

    three bethechange catherine dt felicia gold katetuma meow pdx relentlessabibraceletneckzoeloveinfinitysome

  • Founder's Favorites Giveaways

    Check below for the latest winners of our Founder's Favorites Giveaways! Follow Heather Straw on Instagram: @heather.nashelle

    WINNERS: email customerservice@nashelle.com to claim your prize!


    Speak Love Necklace and Puzzle Piece Necklace

    Our TWO Sets of Winners...

    @JULES792000 and her tagged friend @LUV_MYDACHSHUND

    @XOXOALLYGIRL and one of her friends!


    Describe Yourself 'Identity Necklace

    Our TWO Sets of Winners...

    @ahasslen and her tagged friend, @reallyjustamermaid

    @rgentes, and her tagged friend @jo828ny

    heart-necklace horseshoe-necklace-nashelle

    Open Heart 'Pure' Necklace + Dasia 'Echo' Necklace

    Our FIVE Sets of Winners...

    @stacey_omalley, and her tagged friend @laurencpeter

    @jenns.world, and her tagged friend @lunathelight

    @cbostedt, and her tagged friend @tay_tay_17

    @lindsayrae31, and one of her tagged friends

    @charlotte_d238, and one of her tagged friends

  • Nashelle Love Giveaway

    It is time to announce the winners of our Nashelle Love Giveaway...



    RURU315 and MVELOSO153



















    Email customerservice@nashelle.com to claim your prize in gold or silver! Please include your mailing address and username! Be sure to take your Vanessa style photo when you receive your gift!

    Didn't win? Find the necklace here: http://nashelle.com/mini-heart-choker-identity-necklace

  • Jewelry Against Bullying

    We were so honored to be featured on KTVZ this week! We are so excited about our Anti-Bullying jewelry line, and we love the support this community has given us!

    Check out our kids jewelry, or contact us if you're interested in having Heather speak at your school or conference!

    video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

  • Cancer Support Products

    Cancer is awful. There isn’t a person in this country that has not been affected by cancer in some way—a sister, a father, a friend, a coworker, children—everyone has been touched by this terrible disease. And as cancer has yet to be fully understood, it can be absolutely terrifying.

    While each of us has a desire to help in whatever way we can, not everyone gets the chance to really take a step out and do those things. That’s one thing we love about our founder, Heather Straw. From the very beginning, she’s had a heart to give back from what this company makes—and a lot of the time, that ends up being to the families that have to struggle with cancer.

    We want to find a cure, we want to support families, and we want to help in whatever way we can to pay it forward to the people struggling with cancer right now. That’s why we created a program around supporting the men, women and children that have to deal with one of the worst diseases plaguing our country.

    How Nashelle is Involved

    Here at Nashelle, we’ve created a series of products that give back to the people that have to deal with cancer every day, in all its forms. These products are for the people who have a daughter that deals with Leukemia, a grandmother that died of Breast Cancer, or the husband who has spent years working through Prostate Cancer.

    hope-bar-necklace hope-circle-necklace

    These products remind us of a disease that will not easily be eradicated, and the people that we have lost to it. We wear our EFF CANCER necklaces with pride, because we know that we should never forget what cancer can do to a family.

    Our Cancer Warriors

    Our Cancer Warrior program is close to our hearts, and a huge part of what Nashelle does. Every year, we choose two lovely women from our community to be our Cancer Warriors. These ladies are people with children, jobs and lives that have been affected by cancer in one way or another. They’re some of the most beautiful people we know, and we are thankful for them every day.

    We ask these women to give us a word or a phrase that embodies what they’ve had to deal with in their fight against cancer—and then we put it on a necklace. We then sell this necklace online through our site, and at events and fundraisers in our community, and give 100% of the net proceeds back to the family, to cover the medical bills that pile up during chemotherapy, radiation, and the many hospital visits that a cancer patient has to deal with.

    It’s our small way of giving back to the beautiful people who certainly don’t deserve this life that was thrust upon them.

    This all began several years ago, with our first Cancer Warrior. Jen has a truly beautiful story, and we want to respect her family and her legacy by not again pushing her story back into the spotlight. We loved this woman through and through, and miss her every day.

    This year, our two Cancer Warriors are Stephanie O’Brien and Katie Tuma. Both of these women inspire us immensely, and we are so blessed to know them. The words they chose for their necklaces are "Eff Cancer" and "Relentless."

    eff-cancer-steph        relentless-katie

    - Get more information on Stephanie O’Brien and her fight with Breast Cancer.

    - Learn more about Katie Tuma and her fight with Thyroid Cancer.

    Again, we can’t say enough how much we despise this disease, and we can’t wait for the day that we can all cure it together.

    Join us in the fight against cancer of all kinds, and support amazing organizations like Stand up 2 Cancer!

    Thanks to all of you amazing people who are with us in this endeavor, all the survivors who deal with it every day, and the friends and family that we have lost to this disease. We adore you all!

    xoxo, the Nashelle team

  • Scotch and Steak Event for Men!

    The Holidays are right around the corner, and if you haven’t bought your lady a gift yet, we’re here to help you get it done! (and provide a little scotch and steak to go along with it)

    On December 18 (just one week before Christmas!), we’re hosting a Scotch+Steak night at Nashelle in the Old Mill District! We’ll be serving up drinks of scotch and tasters of steak - and our trained staff will help you men pick out jewelry for your wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers!

    Steak bites provided by our friends at 5 Fusion!

    Ladies, here’s a way to make sure he picks out the right stuff – fill out a wishlist next time you’re in the store, and make sure he brings it with him! And as an added bonus, we’re offering 15% off all jewelry* in the store, during the event!

    Join us on December 18, from 6pm - 8pm!

    psstt, ladies! Feel free to join in on this event too!

    RSVP on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/394283130723501


    *Offer cannot be combined with other promotions or coupons
    *Valid December 18, 6-8pm

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