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  • Good Morning America Feature

    For over fifteen years now, Nashelle has been proud to be a brand that gives back. Through our Fashion Feeding Hunger campaign over the past two and a half years, we’ve been able to donate over 100,000 plates of food through organizations like Feeding America and NeighborImpact; through our Cancer Warrior campaigns, we’ve been able to financially support many families dealing with cancer of all kinds; through our Be the Change campaign, we’ve gotten to partner with Food for the Hungry’s initiative helping female entrepreneurs in third world countries. We have been truly blessed to be cared for by a loving community that supports our mission and helps us to thrive.

    Every day, the people here at Nashelle work toward giving back even more, and it is always an honor to be recognized for the work that we do in giving back both locally and globally.

    This morning, Nashelle was honored to be featured on Tory Johnson’s online segment on Good Morning America—showcasing brands that give back in a huge way. Nashelle’s handmade jewelry was featured along with other giving brands like LSTN, SOLO Eyewear and Greyston Bakery.

    As part of the feature on ‘Deals and Steals,’ each company is offering a truly amazing discount on a select few items on their websites. Here at Nashelle jewelry, we’re offering a 50% discount on two of our favorite styles of personalized pieces. Each of these handmade bracelets is stamped by hand right here in the USA—in our hometown of Bend, Oregon!


    We’ve chosen five special words to be hand stamped onto each bracelet—words that have special meaning to us, as well as our friends at Good Morning America! Every handmade bracelet is made to order and nothing is mass produced, making your piece truly one of a kind.

    For our hand stamped Dainty Cuff Bracelets, we’ve chosen the words LUCKY, PEACE, LOVE, SMILE and WISH. Each word is lovingly hand stamped into a gorgeous petite cuff bracelet, and will be sent out within ten business days.

    Our other bracelet—the Identity Bar Bracelet—has another five words you can choose from to be hand stamped into the bar: BELIEVE, BLESSED, DREAM, INSPIRE and FOREVER.

    Whether you’re buying these hand stamped bracelets for a loved one (don’t forget that Mother’s Day gift giving is just around the corner!) or for yourself, this handmade jewelry is not only a great fashion accessory—but also a way to support people in need. You can learn more about how we donate one plate of food for every piece of jewelry sold on the Feeding America page on our website!

    You can see the other brands featured in Good Morning America’s online segment at gma.yahoo.com, and our handmade bracelet sale will continue until midnight PST on April 17! Choose the word that means the most to you, and share your pictures on our social media channels at the links below!

    Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest

    Learn More About Heather, the Owner and Founder of Nashelle Jewelry

    Nashelle is a company born out of a love for metal working, and a deep desire to let fashion be more personal than big brands and the latest styles. Our personalized jewelry allows for our fans to choose the name, date or symbol that represents something to them, whether it’s the date they lost a loved one, or the coordinates to the city they honeymooned in.

    Heather, Nashelle’s owner and founder, has brought Nashelle from a one-woman show on her living room floor to a thriving company of 30+ employees, multiple locations in the USA and hundreds of wholesale partners across the world.

    Not only a successful businesswoman, Heather is also a mother of five, ranging in ages from two weeks old to ten years! Balancing home and work in a mighty display of talent, Heather continues to lead her team of people from here in Nashelle’s hometown of Bend, Oregon.

    Thank you to our amazing supporters who have helped us to spread our mission and share the love throughout the world—we would be nothing without our truly fantastic fans!

    xoxo, the Nashelle team

  • Mother’s Day Sale

    Mother's Day Sale

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re celebrating with a great deal on our website—as well as in our flagship store in Bend, Oregon!

    Snag TWENTY-FIVE percent off the jewelry on our website! Whether you’re buying for your mom or yourself, you can use our special promo code “MOMMY2015” to get your deal!

    The 25% off is THIS WEEKEND ONLY, so be sure to use the promo code before it’s too late!

    *Valid both in-store in the Old Mill District and online at www.nashelle.com
    *Offer not valid on previously placed purchases
    *Offer valid 4/17/2015 – 4/20/2015
    *Offer not valid on select items

  • Dumblonde in Nashelle Jewelry

    Shannon Bex and Aubrey O’Day just announced their newest music project a few weekends ago at the IHeartRadio red carpet, and we are SO excited for what’s coming down the pipeline from Dumblonde. These two are close to our heart, and the fact that Shannon lives in our hometown makes it even more fun!

    On the red carpet at IHeartRadio, both Shannon and Aubrey rocked our Chloe ‘Pure’ Necklace—which looked absolutely amazing with their deep V suits. We can’t get enough of their newest hair colors (how fun is the silver hair trend?!), and Shannon also wore our Sidra ‘Pure’ Necklace that evening.

    Audrey and Shannon in Nashelle Audrey and Shannon in Nashelle

    But our favorite part of the Dumblonde collaboration has to be their super cute new bracelets… if you like personalized jewelry, you can make your own on our website! Visit our personalized bracelet page to learn more.

    Branded. @dumblondeofficial bracelets by @nashelledesigns

    A photo posted by dumblonde (@dumblondeofficial) on

    Good luck, girls! We can’t wait to hear more about what’s coming with Dumblonde!

  • Meet Baby Ireland

    All of us here at Nashelle are SO very excited to welcome the newest member of the Nashelle family: sweet little baby Ireland! Our owner Heather Nashelle had Ireland Grace on April 9 at 10:49pm, in her home - lovingly surrounded by family and friends.

    Mom and baby are doing so well, and the team here in the office can't wait to meet the little dear! Look forward to more pictures soon on our Facebook page!

    Baby Ireland Grace Mom and baby

    xoxo, the Nashelle team

  • Mother’s Day is in One Month!

    May 10 is creeping up on us fast, and we’re getting excited to spoil the moms in our lives! There is only ONE MONTH LEFT until Mother’s Day, and we know these thirty days will go by quickly. Be prepared ahead of time by ordering Mother’s Day jewelry now!

    You can see all of our FAVORITE JEWELRY FOR MOTHER’S DAY, or take a peek below at a couple of our top picks!

    The Baby Gem Necklace

    For the new mom, this necklace is the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift. The sweet little foot stamp, with a tiny gem is a great starting piece, that they can add new charms to at any point!

    Mother's Day Necklace

    The Teardrop Earrings

    Is mom a little harder to shop for? These earrings are the perfect Mother’s Day gift! If you’re not sure what she’d want stamped in a personalized necklace—or she’s returned your past two years of Mother’s Day presents—these classic teardrop hoops are a great choice! Simple, yet gorgeous, these earrings look great on everyone!

    The Lucky Charms Necklace

    Choose two charms and two stones for this necklace—perfect for a mom of two! Choose the birthstones and stamping, and we promise she’ll love this gift!

    (and how cute is this baby yawn??)

    The BLESSED Bracelet

    Because you KNOW your mom is blessed to have you in her life! ;) These bracelets are not only an awesome gift for your mom—they’re also perfect to own WITH her! We’re a huge fan of matching bracelets, and we know your mom will be too!

  • Graduation Jewelry!

    Graduation is just around the corner—are you prepared for grad presents? We’ve got a great selection of graduation themed jewelry for the grads in your life! Here are just a few of our favorite combinations for graduation jewelry!

    Customize your own necklace here.

    2015-grad-jewelry gold-grad-jewelrygold-graduation-jewelryclass-of-2015-jewelry  graduation-necklace-gold graduation-silver-necklace

  • It’s National Beer Day!

    National Beer Day may not be a date recognized by schools (thank goodness) and banks (probably for the best), but it’s one we love all the same! And we’re of course celebrating it in our usual way—with some great jewelry! Two of our favorite beer-themed jewelry for National Beer Day would have to be our coin ring and our bar necklace!

    Time for beer... themed jewelry! Is it beer:30 yet?

    Want to customize your own beer-themed jewelry? Use our adorable beer mug stamp on any of personalized jewelry! We’ll handstamp it in and get you set up with your own unique beer-themed jewelry!

    Beer Mug Jewelry

  • Bend Designer: Sonja McLean of Sweet and Swanky Cakes

    We are beyond excited to be able to feature some amazing creators here in our community of Bend, Oregon. This area is brimming with creative talent, and we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of it for fifteen years now! SEE MORE CREATORS HERE

    Sonja McLean, owner of Sweet and Swanky Cakes, is one of the Maker Women here that we got the chance to interview this past week—and we are madly in love with her cakes and designs! Learn more about Sonja and her business below…

    We asked her a few questions this past week, and we want to share her life with you! We have no doubt that you’ll fall in love with her work like we did!

    Introducing… Sonja!

    Hello! I’m Sonja McLean, Owner and Cake Designer of Sweet and Swanky Cakes! I have four beautiful kids ranging in ages 6-14, two girls and two boys and I have been in Central Oregon all of my life. A little about me…hmmmm…well, for starters, you can’t put me in a box. I’m literally everything in one, which I’m sure you can imagine the fun inner dialogue that goes on in my head sometimes, lol.  I have many different styles and tastes…I’m all over the place, and music is first and foremost my greatest passion! I have always been an artist, I can’t draw out of my head to save my life but can draw anything I see, lol.


    I really love to design and put things in the right place…I’m Sonja, and I have OCD. In the past, I was a massage therapist for 15 years and I always had two jobs, with the other one being retail of some kind to support my family. I am no stranger to hard work and balancing that hectic life with kids and all. Since this is an interview on successful and aspiring women in business, perhaps I will share a bit about my personal story with you…as it was NO easy task to get here...Maybe you should grab a cup of coffee and sit down with me :) This is heavy but good, and I share it with you to give you hope!

    Allow me to set the stage first from 2008; I was 30 years old at the time, had three kids from my ex-husband, was married to my new husband for 11 months, and my youngest son together with him was two months old. I was working as a massage therapist and going to COCC, taking my pre-reqs for the nursing program. My whole world came crashing down the day before Thanksgiving, when I received the news that my husband had taken his life.  As you could imagine, this was a devastating and heart breaking time in my life…and it didn’t stop there.  Being a widow with four children was unbelievably stressful and my responsibilities did not stop just because my world did. Thank God I had my precious little baby to get me through that crippling time…he was my angel, for ALL of us.

    I needed to find something I could do from home in order to make this work, with a job and kids and childcare, etc.  Cake had never really interested me in the past, but the cakes I was seeing online were different…they were ART, and took a keen sense of design to pull off properly…and I thought, “I want to do THAT!” I whole-heartedly believe that God placed this passion in my heart, using the skills and talents that He has given me.  I literally had a wild hair one day and decided to make my daughter’s birthday cake. I’m a go big or go home type person, and have never even made a cake in my life, and I made a big three tiered fondant covered cake that reflected HER. She LOVED it!

    I fell in love with cake designing! I worked all day then took care of my kids, and at night, I would watch You Tube videos on cake decorating and I would practice. I found online decorators who I call my “cake heroes” and I read all of their blogs and everything they had to say about cake. They were my teachers in essence.  TONS of trial and error, money, and blood, sweat and lots of tears trying to get the fondant to cover just right, how to achieve perfectly sharp edges, how to paint on cakes, how to stack and transport a cake...everything was done over and over until I got it to my level of perfect. I would find people to make a cake for just so I could get the practice and build my portfolio…I designed their cake and gained new skills, and they got a free cake! I did this for about a year and a half. How I managed to have the energy to do this, while grieving deeply, is beyond me…it was only by the grace of GOD! Two summers ago, I worked 140 hours PER WEEK! Never again! BUT, I learned a lot and established the reputation that I wanted with being a custom cake designer…I definitely have my own way of operating; purchasing a cake from me is an experience and is personal!


    Not long after being in business, Sweet and Swanky Cakes was starting to get recognition from around the globe for some of my designs and it wasn’t long before my “cake heroes” knew who I was. How unbelievably cool is that?!!! I actually got to meet them recently in Louisiana at a Cake Show that I went to, and let me tell you how FREAKING AMAZING it was to meet them in person and tell them what an inspiration they have been to me! Currently, really BIG and EXCITING things are happening that I’m not at liberty to talk about just yet, but it’s something I’ve dreamt about since I first started with cake…and IT HAS COME TRUE! I just wanted to say that hard work pays off…follow your PASSION, dream BIG, and never EVER give up! Another thing, I know it sounds cliche, but God truly does not give you more than you can handle, and if you have big ugly stuff going on in your life…well, trust me, God is REALLY good at turning it into something beautiful…and you will be stronger for it :)

    One thing you can’t live without:


    Favorite color:

    Teal, hot pink, aquamarine, aubergine, black (yes, I know black isn’t a color!)

    Favorite TV show or movie:

    Once Upon a Time, Office Space and Freaky Friday

    Favorite brands:

    Miss Me, Victoria’s Secret, Buckle, Target, MAC

    Favorite quote:

    “In order for your ship to come in, you must first build a dock.” - Annonymous

    How long has Sweet and Swanky Cakes been going?

    How long has Sweet and Swanky Cakes been going? I made my first cake in 2010 and have been doing it professionally since 2012.


    What inspired you to start decorating cakes?                  

    The art and design aspect of cakes is what attracted me to them…so many ways to make a cake come to life with personality! I first made my daughter’s birthday cake, a big three tiered cake in her favorite colors that fit her personality. My third cake I made was for my good friend’s wedding and I LOVED custom designing her cake to fit her style of wedding, combined with her personal tastes, in a way that captured who she was. Today, that is my absolute FAVORITE part of being a cake designer. I love making hand-tailored edible works of art that captures my client!

    What are the pros and cons about your work, about owning your own business?

    The pros are the look on my client’s face when she sees her cake for the first time…makes all the hours of blood, sweat and tears worth it and is why I do what I do! The recognition and publications in various magazines such as Brides and Cake Masters is such an honor, so that always feels really awesome, especially since I am self-taught for the most part. I LOVE interacting with my fans on Facebook, it’s like they are right here in my kitchen as we chat away about cake!

    As far as owning my own business…I have never worked harder in my life!!! Man would it be nice to just put in my time and then go home, lol! I have SUCH respect for business owners…I’d say the hardest part is when people want to complain about the cost of a cake, when they don’t realize they are really purchasing a piece of art, not to mention a cake made fresh with the finest ingredients. Now that I am established as an artist and designer before I am a baker, I don’t run into that as much as people see the value in what I offer and how I operate. I put my entire heart and soul into every cake I create, and it takes countless hours, even days to make a custom cake…each one is an extension of me, and my hands don’t leave my baby till she is perfect! I have to say it has been a challenge to balance family life with owning my own business, especially since I work from home and am constantly surrounded by work and to-do lists. My kids are very supportive though so that helps!


    What’s your favorite style of cake to work with?

    I love to make non-traditional, custom wedding cakes! My cakes are like playing dress up, and after a thorough consult with my client of event theme and personal style, I can then design a cake that speaks to them, and has personality! This is where my OCD can thrive…where I can be a designer and artist; I paint, sculpt, make sugar flowers, use fondant for texture, make sure things are in the proper place and balanced, make sure colors pop and compliment nicely, and most importantly…make sure the cake makes a statement and captures a “feeling”.


    When you’re not working, what are you doing?

    Dancing! Playing games with my kids and friends, out on the river trail, enjoying a drive or a much needed nap! Ok, I’ll be honest…cleaning :)

    What woman in your life has inspired you the most?

    My Mom of course has taught me tons, but most influential with my business has been Molly Westcott, owner of Baby Phases tot 2 Teen here in Bend, OR. I tell you, this woman is a GET STUFF DONE, no excuses woman…and I simply would not be where I am today without working for her prior to starting my own business. Seeing how she operated her business, handled her customers, her paperwork for business, and how some days you just need to put on your big girl panties and deal with it…I learned SO much from her and she is just AMAZING.


    Amanda, we are so excited about all the wonderful projects you have coming up, and the great things you’re doing for the global community! Thank you for being a part of the creative community in Bend, Oregon!

    Blessings and love, xo!

  • Autism Awareness Day

    April 2nd marks the eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day, a day where families and friends gather together to raise awareness and funds for a developmental disorder that affects so many people around the globe. The rising rates of autism found in children is alarming, and we should all support the organizations researching autism and supporting the families that deal with it every day.


    These are a few organizations that do just that. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start. Let’s finish off 2015’s World Autism Awareness Day by not only being aware of autism—but by helping the families that spend time with autism every day.

    Autism Service Dogs of America

    Families with autism need more than just research and awareness—they need help. ASDA is one of the organizations that helps in a hands-on way, by providing service dogs for the children that need them. These service dogs are not only a way to increase safety for kids with autism—they’re also a way to help them develop social skills! Read more, in these paragraphs from the ASDA website:

    Our mission at Autism Service Dogs of America (ASDA) is to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals living with autism, and their families, by providing exceptionally well trained service dogs.

    Our service dogs provide physical safety and an emotional anchor for children with autism. With their child tethered to a service dog, families are able to engage in activities as simple as going to the park or going out to eat as a family. When out in the community, a service dog increases safety and helps families feel secure. The service dog’s calming presence can minimize and often eliminate emotional outbursts, enabling the child to more fully participate in community and family activities. In many cases, the service dog accompanies the child to school, helping with transitions between activities and locations. Having a service dog helps increase opportunities for the child to develop social and language skills with others.

    ASDA was founded in 2002 by Priscilla Taylor. Incorporating her love of dogs and her background in special education, she formed this non-profit, community-based organization to aid children with special needs. While many service dog agencies existed to meet diverse needs, none provided specially trained dogs for children with autism. Ms. Taylor received some of her education at Assistance Dog Institute, the only institution of higher education for dog studies in the world.


    Nobis Works

    One thing that many people forget in regards to Autism is that it isn’t just a childhood disease—men and women with autism have a very hard time finding a job in the workforce after they’ve graduated high school. Only about half of young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders join the workforce after leaving high school. Many find it extremely difficult for them to gain employment that will fit their individual unique needs and skills—and that can be a problem in our society.

    Thankfully there are some great organizations out there that cater to men and women with disabilities—helping them find meaningful employment within their communities. Nobis Works is one such organization. While not available nationally, Nobis works within 16 states now, and is continuring to grow. Learn more, from their website:

    This "real work" program helps an individual develop the necessary physical capacities, proper work habits and skills, and social and interpersonal skills to find and keep a job.

    Program managers and supervisors provide ongoing support and training on the job site to ensure the participant's success. This service is provided at Nobis Works' Tommy Nobis Center or at a community based company such as the WellStar warehouse, Kroger, Owens & Minor, and others which serve as "host" companies for training and employment of Nobis Works participants.

    Other specialized programs include classroom instruction, GED preparation, job readiness, work practices, mobility training (use of public transit), and other vocationally related topics.


    There are many organizations out there that help the men and women who deal with autism on a daily basis – what are some that inspire you?

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