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  • Krochet Kids | Companies That Give Back to the Community

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    There are so many companies out there that give back in big ways, and we love being a part of that community that pays it forward. Krochet Kids is one such organization that has made giving back a part of their business model, as a non-profit. In addition to making some super cute bags, clothes, hats and more, this company also plays a big part in giving back.

    Krochet Kids - companies that give back!

    How Krochet Kids Gives Back

    Unlike some of the other companies that give back that we’ve featured in our series (TOMS, Sseko), Krochet Kids is actually a non-profit organization. They chose this business model because they felt it allowed them to be more productive on the ground in both Peru and Uganda.

    What Krochet Kids does is this: they employ women in hurting countries (currently Peru and Uganda), and employs them, mentors them and helps them to save money for the things they need. In some cases, this means buying a motorcycle to be rented out for more income, it means having money to put toward nutritious meals for a family, or it could even mean having the money to buy property in her hometown.

    Each piece of Krochet Kids is created by a woman in Peru and Uganda, who is working toward a better life for her and her family, and that’s the kind of cause we can stand behind! The evidence of this is showcased in each shirt, hat and bag—because each piece is actually signed!

    Signed Krochet Kids hat Krochet Kids, a company that gives back Companies that give back

    Since Krochet Kids became an established non-profit in 2008, they’ve grown more and more, to become one of the most well-known brands that gives back, with a recognizable logo and design of their truly cute shirts! We had a fun photo shoot here at the office with one of their shirts and our Be the Change jewelry:

    Be the Change Ring, with Krochet Kids shirt

    Be the change, LOVE

    Are you a fan of Krochet Kids? Follow them on their social media channels! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

  • Gemini Jewelry

    Happy birthday, geminis! For the next month, it’s all about you—take advantage of the month and year ahead, and enjoy every moment.

    Take a look at our fun selection of gemini jewelry below—a fun straight-across bar necklace or a cute mini charm with a gem! These pieces of hand stamped gemini jewelry are some of our favorites in the whole collection, and we think you’ll love them too!

    Gemini Jewelry

    What other kind of gemini jewelry would you like to see? You can stamp it into any of our personalized jewelry—bracelets, rings, earrings and more!

    "GeminiCC" by Till Credner - Own work, http://www.AlltheSky.com. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Memorial Day Sale!

    We’re coming up on Memorial Day Weekend, and it’s of course time for a SALE. All through Memorial Day Weekend (Friday, May 22 – Monday, May 25), we’re offering a 20% discount on everything* on our website!

    Simply use the promo code • USA2015 • within these dates, and get your special discount! (offer is also valid in store at Nashelle in the Old Mill District!)


    Memorial Day Sale at Nashelle

    Featured Jewelry for Memorial Day:

    Maxi Circle Necklace || Bar Necklace || Verge Earrings || Be the Change Necklace

    green pink

    Happy Memorial Day!

    *Discount does not apply to previously placed orders
    *Discount only applicable from May 22 – May 25
    *Discount does not apply to gift cards, PIF bracelets, Nepal bracelets or sale items

  • Nashelle Jewelry in Portland, Oregon

    Nashelle has been expanding like crazy, and our little town of Bend just can’t hold us anymore! We’re moving into the Bridgeport Village shopping center, and we’re so excited to be a part of the beautiful Portland community.

    We’ve always been huge fans of Portland, Oregon – who isn’t? – and we’re excited to now be a part of the Portland jewelry community! Just a little outside of the Portland area in Tigard, Oregon, we’ll be joining brands like American Apparel, Free People, Mac Cosmetics, and so many more. We are beyond thrilled to join this fun little community, and can’t wait to bring our jewelry to Portland, Oregon.

    Portland Jewelry

    Portland Jewelry Photo Shoot

    We took a road trip from Central Oregon to the Valley this past weekend to shoot our jewelry all around Portland, and had a blast touring the city! These are a couple outtakes from the super fun day, and we’ll be sharing the rest on our new Bridgeport Village social media channels! Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to be kept up to date with everything happening with the newest jewelry in Portland: Nashelle at Bridgeport Village!

    New jewelry in Portland, Oregon

    Portland Oregon Jewelry

    Jewelry in Portland

  • Style Blogger: Sara Hodge

    The internet is full of some truly amazing style blogs—from bohemian to work fashion, LA-based to rural styles, there’s no limit on what you can find in regards to fashion themed bloggers. This blog is part of our series on the style bloggers that we work with here at Nashelle, and we’re excited to feature our friend Sara Hodge!

    Sara Hodge of Pretty in Pink Mama

    We simply can’t get enough of this lady. There aren’t enough words in the world to describe our adoration of the completely adorable, super sweet, completely amazing Sara Hodge! This style blogger has been the coolest brand advocate of Nashelle for a while now, and we love seeing her Instagram posts.

    Sara’s style blog is in part about being a mom… but it’s also about being a mom with STYLE. From teething toys to outfit features, Sara has just about everything up on the Pretty in Pink Mama blog, and she’s usually wearing Nashelle too!

    Sara and Nashelle

    If you follow Sara on Instagram, you know she has a LOT of our jewelry! The main necklace you’ll see on Sara is one of our customized pieces that she designed herself! It’s a combination of charms, bars and gems that is specific to her—just like any piece designed on our Chains + Charms page.

    Style Blogger, Sara Hodge in Nashelle

    Style Blogger with Nashelle

    When we were down at the Mission Viejo Nordstrom just last week, we had the opportunity to meet Sara Hodge in person! It was so sweet to be able to meet her and her upbeat personality face-to-face. She took a ton of photos at the show, and posted a blog with some of her pictures this last week!

    Click the pictures below to be directed to the product pages!



    It’s been awesome having Sara Hodge on the Nashelle style blogger team. This girl is the most amazing brand advocate, and we can’t get enough of how much she wears Nashelle. Sara, we love you!

    If you’re interested in being a part of the Nashelle style blogger community, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us through our Facebook or Instagram pages with links to your work, or send our marketing team an email at info@nashelle.com!

  • New Jewelry in our Signature Collection

    Our newest jewelry is up on the website and we can’t wait for everyone to take a look! We’ve added EIGHTEEN new pieces of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings) to our Signature collection, and we’ve fallen in love with every one.

    From statement marquis stones to wire wrapped edges, hoops to chokers, the new jewelry in our Signature line is truly magnificent. We chose our favorite stones and colors to make this line unique, and there certainly isn’t a better word for all this new jewelry!


    Take a look at the newest additions in the pictures below, and click the images to be directed to the product pages!

    New Bracelets in our Signature Line

    Each of these bracelets inspires us more than the past. We’ve chosen 14k Gold Fill for all of our photographs, but these new jewelry cuffs are also available in Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold Fill and Brass. Every stone is customizable, making this personalized jewelry so much fun to mix and match with your outfits.

    artisan-jewelry-new-SB21 new-handmade-bracelet-SB22 new-jewelry-handcrafted-SB20

    New Jewelry: the Earrings

    These earrings are NOT for the girl who wants to blend in! Each of the new earrings in our Signature line were designed with standing out in mind. Choose a stone that matches everything—Smokey and Moonstone are great choices there—or pick one that will stand out against your hair—can we suggest a Fuchsia? Whatever you pick, we know you’re going to love these earrings.

    earrings-green-stones-SE169 earrings-handmade-jewelrySE174 earrings-hoops-SE170 earrings-hoop-stones-marquisSE168 earrings-marquis-stone-SE171 earrings-new-jewelry-handmade-SE167 earrings-new-jewelry-SE172 earrings-stones-handmade-SE173


    New Necklaces in the Signature Collection

    Whether you’re a choker girl or you like the kind of necklace you can layer, the new jewelry in this collection is PERFECT. We have a varied length of chains on these necklaces, and the chains are a little different than our usuals. Click through the pictures below to see the chains up close!

    SN65-circle-necklace-stones SN66-new-artisan-jewelry SN67-gold-handmade-jewelry SN68-gold-necklace-jewelry SN69-new-necklace-signature

    The Newest Rings in Signature

    Last but not least, rings! Our Signature line has two new rings that are super fun. Both of these rings can be customized with the stones and metal of your choice! This new jewelry is sure to catch attention wherever you are—just another reason we love it.

    SR12-new-wire-wrapped-ring SR13-new-stone-ring

    We hope you love the new jewelry in our Signature line as much as we do! We have lots of new jewelry coming out in the next couple months—keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest!

  • Nashelle Wholesaler Feature: Elle Boutique in Knoxville, Tennessee

    Here at Nashelle, we have the privilege of being able to work with amazing boutiques and retailers from Spain to Maine and everywhere in between. Nashelle Wholesalers, the boutiques that sell our brand, are truly wonderful, and we are so thankful to be able to be a part of their companies!

    One of the brands that we get the chance to work with is Elle Boutique—a sweet shop in Cherokee Plaza of Knoxville, Tennessee. We’ve adored working with Andrea and the team there this past year, and we look forward to many more years with them!

    Boutique in Knoxville, TN

    The History of Elle Boutique

    In May of 2007, Jennifer Douglas and Sarah Reid of Knoxville opened up Elle Boutique. They brought a level of fashion and a selection of brands that Knoxville hadn’t experienced before, and were able to create a following within the area that has continued to this day.

    In 2010, Andrea Presley became a part of the Elle team, not realizing that just two years later, she’d be running the store, as Jennifer and Sarah were ready to take a step back. In the three years following that, Elle Boutique has grown consistently and steadily, including a move to a newer space in the Cherokee Plaza in 2013.

    Elle Boutique serves ladies of all ages—from high school on into the golden years. Each woman that walks into their Knoxville store is treated with the same respect and given the same dedication. This is just one of the many reasons we’re so happy to work with Elle!

    Elle Boutique in Knoxville

    Elle and Nashelle

    We started working with Elle Boutique in 2014, and the past year has been truly amazing! Elle Boutique carries a wide variety of our personalized jewelry, along with some fun pieces from our Krush and Pure collections!

    Cuff Bracelets

    If you're looking for a particular piece of Nashelle, and live in the Knoxville area, stop in to see the ladies at Elle Boutique for a special order... and while you're there, be sure to check out the rest of their awesome selection!

    Long Necklace from Nashelle

    Elle, thank you so much for being a part of our wholesale community! We love working with you, and we're excited about the years to come.

    xoxo, the Nashelle team.

  • Style Blogger: Taylor Stone

    The internet is full of some truly amazing style blogs—from bohemian to work fashion, LA-based to rural styles, there’s no limit on what you can find in regards to fashion themed bloggers. This blog is part of our series on the style bloggers that we work with here at Nashelle, and we’re excited to feature our friend Taylor Stone!

    Taylor Stone of The Stone File

    From day one of working with Taylor, we were so excited for her to join our team! When it comes to easygoing fashion, Miss Stone is on point. From weddings to work, Taylor has every outfit across the board on her style blog!

    Taylor’s mix of styles allows her blog to be relatable to a broad audience—something you don’t always find in a fashion blog. She’ll take a daring stab at culottes, then backtrack to a basic sundress and wedges. No matter what she’s wearing, we’re ready for her to hang out in our closets and help us get dressed every morning!

    Taylor and Nashelle

    We knew from the start that Taylor’s style blog was going to be a perfect fit with the versatility of Nashelle jewelry! The first piece that we sent her way was our classic hand stamped bar necklace—one of our absolutely FAVORITE pieces! We stamped Taylor’s name onto this necklace, and we love seeing her wear it.

    Style Blogger Style Blog

    We just recently sent Taylor one of our newer designs—the Expression Chain Necklace! This piece has a chain that can be personalized with a bunch of sweet charms, and people are loving it. Taylor has been rocking this piece in a few of her latest style blog posts and Instagrams.

    Taylor, Style Blogger Taylor, Style Blogger

    It’s been awesome having Taylor Stone join Nashelle’s style blogger team. This girl is a rock star, and we can’t get enough of the way she styles Nashelle in her outfits. Taylor, we love you!

    If you’re interested in being a part of the Nashelle style blogger community, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us through our Facebook or Instagram pages with links to your work, or send our marketing team an email at info@nashelle.com!

  • Sseko Sandals | Companies That Give Back to the Community

    See More: Companies That Give Back

    There are many companies that give back in big ways, and we love being a part of that community. Sseko Sandals is one such organization that has made giving back a part of their business model. They have some of the cutest sandals we've ever seen, and a great mission to boot! Learn more about how this company gives back below:

    Companies that Give Back

    How Sseko Gives Back

    Sseko Designs was born out of a desire to help women in Uganda to further their education, and their ability to provide for their families. In 2009, Liz Bohannon began Sseko to do just that. She was inspired by the amazing women of the country after her first trip to Uganda, she was fueled by a love for fashion, and had the idea to create a sandal that could be customized! A single sole, but a hundred ways to style it!

    Sseko - Companies that Give Back

    Sseko gives back to the community by employing women in Uganda, and helping them put aside savings for their education. Half of their income goes directly into a trust fund that can only be unlocked through a university. This system was put in place because many working women in Uganda feel the pressure of society to give all their money back to their families and communities, instead of into an education. In addition to providing the money to help their families live and thrive, they are paving a way to a more educated and sustainable country.

    Sseko Sandals and Nashelle Jewelry

    We are so inspired by the way that Sseko Sandals gives back - and we LOVE that their stateside office is close by - just over the mountain in Oregon! We have so much love for companies that give back, and we want to know what your favorites are! What are the businesses and non-profits that inspire you? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram!

    Are you a fan of Sseko Sandals? Follow them on their social media channels! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Google+!

  • Affirmation Necklace

    When times get rough, sometimes it can be hard to remember to step back and breathe; to take time for yourself, and be grateful for the good things in life; to be brave and have courage in the midst of a hard situation.

    Our design team created these Affirmation Necklaces for just those times—when you need a reminder that you ARE strong, and you WILL overcome this moment.

    Affirmation Necklace from Nashelle

    The Nashelle Affirmation Necklace is available in twelve different sayings, meant to encourage and inspire! Click the image above to be directed to the product page.


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