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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Nashelle’s New Sister Company, Ija Designs!

    On the heels of our 15 year anniversary, we are SO excited we can finally tell you about the newest update to the Nashelle family!!!

    Nashelle founder, Heather Straw, recently acquired Ija Designs, a local jewelry company here in Bend, from the lovely Erin Hasler! Erin will of course be staying on as designer and creator for Ija Designs, and we think this is the perfect combination of two complementary jewelry styles.


    If you take a look at Ija’s jewelry, you’ll find that they have a truly unique line, full of exciting and daring designs! Erin has built Ija into an exciting blend of textured metals, chains, and a raw style that is perfect for the woman who is looking to make a statement. These are just a few of our favorite pieces, and we’ve already started layering them with our Nashelle!

    ija-v-necklace ija-bracelet ija-earrings ija-necklace-spikes ija-ring

    We cannot wait to welcome Erin to join us in the Nashelle warehouse here in Bend, and we are extremely excited about the opportunity it brings to our local community for more the job market—as well as the global community, bringing these beautiful pieces to the world. Erin Hasler is truly an artist, and we are proud to be able to help her create and grow Ija Designs.

    Check out some of the Ija Designs model shots below, to see how they style their pieces!


  • 25% OFF on Saturday, October 25th!

    We've been celebrating our 15 year anniversary this month, with 15 days of giveaways, love letters to our boss, a new anti-bullying line for kids, and a huge celebration happening down at our showroom in Bend, Oregon.

    But as we finish off this awesome month and look forward to the next fifteen years of Nashelle, we want to do a really special discount for all of our amazing fans! Our email subscribers, our Facebook friends, our Instagram followers and everyone who has supported Nashelle for so long.

    So here's a huge  T H A N K  Y O U  to all of you amazing folks rocking our jewelry from Ireland to Illinois... a 25% discount on everything (excluding sale items) on the website this Saturday, October 25th!! Use the promo code "FIFTEEN" to claim this discount on whatever pair of earrings or piece of jewelry you've been eyeing on the website lately.

    We love you guys! Have a beautiful weekend and THANK YOU for supporting Nashelle!!


    *Valid on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 12am - 11:59pm.
    *Not applicable on past orders
    *Excludes sale items

  • A Love Letter to Our Amazing Founder, Heather Straw!

    Being a boss is not for everyone, but when you find a leader that has a heart of gold and new ideas at every turn - that’s the kind of person you want to work for. Heather Straw, the owner and founder of Nashelle, is exactly that person. She’s kind and inspiring, and more than a little obsessed with jewelry. She is always empowering and encouraging us, no matter what we’re working on, and it’s the little everyday things she does that make us so excited about working with her. This is just a small token of our affection and adoration of this wonderful woman!

    Thank you, Heather for being an absolute darling in every situation. Happy National Boss’s Day, we think you’re the best!


  • New Anti Bullying Line from Nashelle

    We are so excited to announce that our new Anti Bullying line is now LIVE on our website!


    This new jewelry line is all about empowering teenagers to stand up against bullies and show love instead of hate. This anti bullying jewelry line for kids currently features four different pieces with three separate sayings:

    - Be a Hero

    - Rise Above

    - Speak Love, Not Hate

    Check all the products out at nashelle.com/jewelry/kids

    Our Anti Bullying Photo Shoot!

    Thank you so much to Ryan, Shasta and Hannah for coming in for this photo shoot! These kids are true heroes in the anti bullying fight, and we know they're going to be great advocates in their schools and friend groups.






  • Nashelle on Celebrities!

    We absolutely love it when we see people out and about wearing our jewelry, and it’s so much fun to see someone in the spotlight rocking one of our pieces.

    Two of our biggest fans are the beautiful Jeannie Mai (from The Real) and Vanessa Hudgens (you might remember High School Musical)! These ladies are not only extremely talented, but they also rock Nashelle every chance they get! They’re some of the classiest fashionistas around and we just want to say thank you for wearing Nashelle!

    Vanessa Hudgens in Nashelle

    First of all, this girl is so fun to follow on Instagram. She has one of the most exciting lives of anyone we’ve ever seen, and she always looks stylish, no matter what she’s doing. Check out the photo below that shows Vanessa rocking our Mini Heart Choker 'Identity' Necklace! We’ve seen her in this piece a few times, and we love it!

    Jeannie Mai in Nashelle

    If you haven’t heard of Jeannie Mai yet, you’re missing out. Jeannie is one of the hosts on The Real, and just the BEST dressed lady you’ve ever seen. Every time we see a new photo of this woman, we’re in awe of her style and elegance!

    This photo is from a recent episode of The Real, and she’s wearing one of our necklaces. If you check out her Instagram page, you’ll find that she wears Nashelle a lot—and it is so much fun spotting them when we’re watching her show!

    We LOVE our fans, and it’s so much fun getting to know their style from their photos! If you have a piece of Nashelle jewelry that you love, upload a picture and tag us—we want to see how you wear Nashelle.

    Check out our Pinterest page below, featuring some of the celebrities that wear our jewelry!

    Follow Nashelle Jewelry's board NASHELLE ON CELEBS on Pinterest.

  • 15 Days of Giveaways from Nashelle!

    Call us crazy for giving away thirty pieces of jewelry in fifteen days… but we love you guys, and we want to say THANK YOU for an amazing fifteen years! It’s been an awesome adventure, and we are so excited about the next fifteen years.

    In the next few weeks, we will be giving away one piece of jewelry every day on Facebook, and one on Instagram. We’ve chosen fifteen of our favorite pieces from a variety of our jewelry collections, and we can’t wait to send them out to our loyal fans!

    How it Works...

    You will have 24 hours from the time the photo is posted to enter by commenting, liking and sharing the picture on both Facebook and Instagram. You will have two opportunities to enter each day—once on each social network.

    After the winner has been chosen, we will post them HERE on our Nashelle blog, so be sure to check back regularly and see if you won! If you’re one of the lucky winners, email info@nashelle.com within 5 days to claim your prize and customize your new piece of Nashelle jewelry! Good luck, everyone!

    Nashelle Jewelry Giveaway Winners!



    Small Monogram 'Identity' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Liz Ticona

    Instagram: @kels22shu





    Mini Heart Choker 'Identity Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Jennifer Umsted

    Instagram: @daniellehove





    Personalized 'Identity' Cuff Ring winners...

    Facebook: Erica Holzman

    Instagram: @mdyakanoff





    Arrow 'Pure' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Lori Scearcy

    Instagram: @kaileymstevens





    Personalized Bar 'Identity' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Brenda DeGree

    Instagram: @courtneyrmcclusk





    Signature 'Pure' Earrings winners...

    Facebook: Jennifer Howard

    Instagram: @laurenklontz





    Customizable 'Identity' Bar Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Irene Lavergne Walters

    Instagram: @wgilbert07





    Lucky Charms 'Identity' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Jody Page

    Instagram: @partyofnine





    Mini Charm 'Identity' Ring winners...

    Facebook: Yvonne Magee

    Instagram: @mollyhietapelto





    Rain 'Untamed' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Kate Pliester

    Instagram: @kaylagottfried





    Big 'Pure' Hoop Earring winners...

    Facebook: Rachel Pisapia

    Instagram: @brookedevault





    Eternity 'Pure' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Rachel Plaskin Solinger

    Instagram: @maddiemcrojas





    Lovely 'Signature' Ring winners...

    Facebook: Kate Hunter-McBrien

    Instagram: @shelley_scarborough_photo





    Small Coil 'Pure' Cuff winners...

    Facebook: Andi Manies

    Instagram: @abbykate907





    Geometric Heart 'Pure' Ring winners...

    Facebook: Lorel Berg

    Instagram: @lizziestew


    *Winners are selected at random
    *Individuals must like, comment, and share (or regram) to win

  • Nashelle Wholesaler Feature: Loulerie in Dublin Ireland

    We’re excited to feature yet another one of our amazing partners. This week, check out Loulerie! Run by the absolutely fantastic Louise Stokes, this boutique is based out of Dublin, Ireland—and just the cutest shop you've ever seen.


    Loulerie History

    You can find Loulerie in the heart of Dublin, with a shop that’s been open for seven years, selling fine jewelry, and offering some of the best customer service around.

    Louise herself spent several years working in the fashion and fine jewelry industry in New York, and found an impressive selection of designers and brands, that she decided to open her own store in Dublin, showcasing the jewelry that she found in her work.

    In 2007, she opened her storefront location, as well as an online store with an extraordinary amount of jewelry from designers and brands across the globe.

    Loulerie and Nashelle

    We’ve been working with Loulerie for over six years now, and it’s been an absolute dream. Louise is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, and it’s a joy to work with her. Not only that, we love the pieces that she hand selects - she has an eye for those classic pieces that will never go out of style.

    Many of the pieces from Nashelle that Loulerie features are our customized bar charms on necklaces—great for keeping your children’s names close to your heart, a word that means something to you, or initials from a loved one. Here are a few that you might find if you wandered into Loulerie’s Dublin shop…

    nashelle-ireland-necklace ntatalie-necklace-personalized

    Thanks for being such an amazing company to work with, Loulerie! We’re excited about many more years of collaboration!

    Check out what Loulerie has to offer, by visiting her jewelry website, checking out her Instagram or following the shop on Twitter!

  • Our Breast Cancer Warrior, Stephanie O’Brien

    We got an update from our beautiful Breast Cancer Warrior, the amazing Stephanie O’Brien a week or so ago, and we wanted to share with you, in her words…

    breast-cancer-awareness  breast-cancer-warriorstephanie-obrien

    As many of you know I had surgery a few weeks ago, a double or bi-lateral mastectomy and 15 lymph nodes removed on my left side. I have had a great recovery and I’m gaining my energy back to somewhat normal. A week after surgery I met with my oncologist, a graduation of sorts, with the report of a fantastic response to the therapies so far and the go ahead to have my port removed. Was bittersweet as the port served as the gateway for my life preserver, chemotherapy, but we’re moving on and moving forward! A week later my port was removed as well as my octopus-like drains from surgery. El Fin to stage 1 and 2 of treatments!

    Today I put into effect my “extra insurance policy” or “called in the cleaners” or otherwise known as my radiation team. They mapped out the left side of my chest where the cancer “was” (love the use of past tense here) with numerous lines and x’s of red marker and 5 dot sized “jailhouse” tattoos, then sent me through a CT scan for imagery used for their plan of radiation attack. They also made a pillow mold of my arms above my head which I lay into every weekday for the next few weeks.

    It’s safe to say my chest has served as a road map to “a new perspective” in which I will forever be grateful for the journey.

    The next few weeks will be crucial in remaining on a healthy clean diet, exercise and a positive mind to ward off any chance of recurrence.

    It’s one glorious day at a time, taking time to be still and appreciate the abundance of LIFE – and YOU are all a BIG part of that! Thank you for ALL your continued thoughtfulness, prayers, positive energy and good healing vibes in kicking some serious cancer arse!

    EFF cancer!!

    Lot’s of love for this amazing woman – keep sending good vibes and prayers her way as she takes on the next few weeks of radiation and the rest of her recovery! We’re behind Stephanie 100%, and if you want to support her as well, check out the adorable pillows on her "She's Happy Design" Etsy store or buy the “Eff Cancer” necklace!

    Eff Cancer Necklace

  • Best Friend Jewelry Featured on the TODAY Show

    Today Nashelle was honored to again be featured on the TODAY Show, specifically our super fun best friend jewelry! Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb did a segment called “Let’s Rewind,” featuring items that are coming back into style—whether it’s fashion or children’s toys! And of course, nothing brings more nostalgia than those cute best friend bracelets and necklaces we used to have with our best girlfriends back in elementary school!

    You can check out the full video on our best friend jewelry, as well as other items that remind us of way back when…

    Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    You can purchase our best friend necklaces or best friend bracelets in a variety of different sayings and metal options right here on our website! Check out the images below for close-ups on the items featured on the TODAY Show’s program! Click the pictures to be directed to our product pages!

    best-friend-jewelry best-friend-bracelet

  • TOMS Shoes | Companies That Give Back to the Community

    TOMS is the first in our new series on companies that give back to the community - and what a company to start with!

    We've all heard of TOMS Shoes – a social enterprise that began only eight years ago, but has become one of the best known brands in the states. No matter where you go, it’s not surprising to run into another individual wearing a pair of their recognizable shoes.

    And not only are they profitable and well known—they also give back to the community in a BIG way. For every pair of shoes that TOMS sells, they give a pair to a child that needs it somewhere across the globe. From the United States to Uzbekistan, TOMS has literally given shoes to children all over the world.

    TOMS giving map

    The Founder, Blake Mycoskie

    Blake Mycoskie started TOMS in 2006, just wanting to give regular consumers an opportunity to give back—and he started a phenomenon that has grown into so much more. Shoes, sunglasses, shirts, coffee, and now the TOMS Marketplace—this company has truly been an impressive force to watch grow.

    In 2011, Blake published his book Start Something That Matters, telling the TOMS story, as well as offering advice for people hoping to found a business using his model. The book quickly became a New York Times Bestseller, and is one of the best books anyone working on with or for social enterprise can read.

    blake mycoskie

    In addition to his own book, Blake has been featured in People Magazine, TIME Magazine and Fortune Magazine, on their 40 under 40 list. Blake has also won many awards for his work with TOMS Shoes.

    The TOMS Products

    Enough about how great the company is… how cute are their shoes and sunglasses!? Just about everyone in the Nashelle office has a pair of TOMS, and we rock them all the time. It’s just so great to know that not only is a company making quality products—they’re also giving back to the community.

    Are you a fan of TOMS? Follow them on their social media channels! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Google+!

    companies that give back

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