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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Women’s History Month

    Women’s History Month starts tomorrow, and we are so excited to celebrate it! This month is all about the women leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. The woman who runs a business while raising kids, the woman who took a bullet so she could learn to read, and kept going to school. The woman who started a fashion line before women could even vote—the woman who inspired millions through words.

    This month is also about the future—about the women who will continue to innovate, because of their role models in the past. Confucius said “Study the past if you would define the future,” and we’re ready to define the future as equal. Gender equality is what we’re striving for, and the women in our past are the people who paved the way for us.

    Confucius said “Study the past if you would define the future.”

    Who are the women that inspire you?

  • The Box Pic from Nashelle

    Snap a picture of your box opening moment, and share it with us on Instagram! We want to see when and where you open your new Nashelle jewelry!

    catherine_mueller89-2 lizteich pepperandstyle shopaccents adstarr76 farquhar28

    And the best part of buying jewelry from Nashelle? How we give back! For every piece of jewelry that leaves our warehouse, we give a plate of food through Feeding America and NeighborImpact!

    Through Nashelle, you’re supporting amazing organizations that give back to the community in huge ways! Share the love by sharing a picture—snap your box opening moment and tag use the hashtags #NASHELLE and #FashionFeedingHunger!

    xoxo, the Nashelle team

  • Gift Cards Are Always a Good Idea

    Okay, it’s thirty minutes until the birthday/anniversary/big date… and you haven’t bought a gift yet. Shoot! When there simply isn't time to pick out a gift, there’s one place to turn: gift cards!

    Reasons That Gift Cards Are the Best

    - They’re quick and easy
    - They allow her to pick out exactly what she wants—no exchanges!
    - They can be hidden in a coat pocket until the right moment
    - They’re perfect for the Mother-in-Law you don’t know very well

    Sure, picking out and customizing a piece is the ideal situation—but when you’re in a rush and that isn't going to happen, we promise she’ll love a gift card!


    Gift Card

  • New York Fashion Week Styles

    FASHION WEEK – no matter where it is in the world, we are watching and gasping at new styles, fun trends and the latest and greatest in the fashion world.

    This past week, we got to watch photos stream in from our one of the greatest cities in the world—New York! NYFW wraps up today, and we’re still gawking at the photos rounded up from the week. We couldn’t love the runway more.

    Our Favorites from Fashion Week

    Some outfits are a little crazy for us—it is New York Fashion Week after all—but we have to say that there were some outfits that we couldn’t get enough of! The fashion week pictures below are just a few of our favorite moments and designs from NYFW.

    The Oscar de la Renta show—such a beautiful way to remember such an amazing man and a designer that will never be forgotten. Stunning designs, beautiful models and an emotional catwalk, after his death last year.

    Oscar De La Renta

    And who can forget the classic moment with this front row at Kanye’s Adidas unveiling?

    Kanye Front Row Fashion Week

    The absolutely stunning red dresses at the Go Red for Women catwalk—and our girl, Laverne Cox spinning in this number...

    Laverne Cox New York

    The Michael Kors catwalk was just yesterday, and the simple spring styles were a sight to behold after a week of some extreme fashion. This cute shirt and skirt combo is just one of the many styles we’re excited to see in upcoming collections!

    Michael Kors NYFW

    Plus, we spotted Bill Cunningham snapping pictures on the corner of the Michael Kors runway—we love seeing that guy anywhere.

    Equality at New York Fashion Week

    Fashion took a HUGE step at New York Fashion Week this year, and it was way past time that it happened. We were SO thrilled to see the world of style really take a step back and remember that fashion isn’t all about stick-thin models with perfect skin—it’s about expressing yourself. It’s about being YOU, whoever you is!

    This culminated perfectly with the Role Models Not Runway Models catwalk from Carrie Hammer. This catwalk was all about showcasing women to look up to—not bodies to look up to! We LOVE the idea behind Carrie’s catwalk. This catwalk featured NYFW’s first Downs Syndrome model, loads of women in leadership and great role models in general.

    Role Models

    Another notable part of New York Fashion Week was the incomparable Winnie Harlow! If you haven’t heard of her yet, get ready for it! This gorgeous woman has vitiligo—but it hasn’t stopped her from hitting the catwalk at NYFW, rocking Desigual! Her skin disease used to be why she was bullied in school, but now she’s one of the most celebrated models in the fashion world.

    Winnie Harlow

    Fashion Week with Nashelle

    While we didn’t have the time to make it up to New York Fashion Week this year, we definitely had jewelry there...

    The Brooklyn Stylist, Liz Teich, rocked our Sidra ‘Pure’ Necklace on the first day of NYFW! This girl is so much fun, and we love seeing her rock our jewelry!


    Another rockstar wore our Verge Rings at New York Fashion Week—television personality Rosci Diaz.



    Did you keep an eye on what was happening during New York Fashion Week? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

  • Nashelle Wholesaler Feature: Soel Boutique in Provo, Utah

    We took a break from our Nashelle wholesaler features for a while, but we’re excited to bring them back and continue to showcase the amazing companies that we work with, all over the world.

    Today’s feature is the amazing Soel Boutique, located in Provo, Utah! These guys have been open since 2003, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with them since 2007! These eight years of working with Soel have been absolutely lovely, and we are so happy to have them as one of our wholesale partners.


    The History of Soel Boutique

    The lovely Shelby Russell started Soel Boutique out of a love for everything fashion. Shelby took a simple sewing class in high school, and was inspired to create a full-fledged clothing line, which she named Soel Clothing. This high end clothing line became a huge success within Utah, and Shelby decided to create a boutique out of it.


    Partnering with a local yoga studio, Soel Boutique quickly became the premier boutique within Utah County, and they started incorporating other brands, including Free People, TOMS, Seychelles, Citizen Jeans and so many more.

    Soel + Nashelle

    Soel Boutique first started ordering Nashelle jewelry back in 2007, now eight years ago! You can find many of our classic handmade pieces in their storefront, rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

    Featured in the above image are a few of our coil rings! These rings, along with many items from our PURE and IDENTITY handmade jewelry collections, can often be found on the floor of Soel Boutique.

    Thanks for being such a dear to work with, Soel, we’re looking forward to many more years!

    Follow these guys on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and be sure to visit their store if you’re in the Provo, Utah area.

  • Zodiac Jewelry – Our Favorites!

    Every month, we anticipate the change in the astrological signs, and as we complete the sign of the Pisces, we’re excited to welcome those of you with late March and early February birthdays… it’s time for Aries!

    We thought now would be a good time to highlight our favorite zodiac Jewelry, as we say farewell to Pisces until next year!

    Zodiac Bar Necklaces

    Our favorite zodiac jewelry from our ‘Identity’ collection, would of course have to be our zodiac bar necklaces! Available in either 14k Gold Fill or Sterling Silver, these sweet little bar necklaces feature your printed sign, along with a small stamp of the same!

    (click the image to see the product!)


    Mini Zodiac Charm Necklaces

    If you’re looking for something a little more dainty, and love the style of our Lucky Charms necklace, you will adore our Zodiac Charm ‘Identity’ Necklaces! Featuring one of our small circle charms and a baby gem in the color of your birth month, these sweet little necklaces are the perfect birthday gift—whether it’s for yourself or someone else!

    These zodiac necklaces are also available in 14k Gold Fill and Sterling Silver, along with our gorgeous 14k Rose Gold Fill!

    (click the image to see the product!)


    What’s your sign?

  • Hart of Dixie Jewelry

    || Originally posted on February 14, 2015 || 

    If you haven’t binge watched the CW show Hart of Dixie yet, you’re missing out! This show is adorable, sweet, hilarious and SO fashionable! We are constantly obsessing over Zoe Hart’s outfits, and we simply cannot get over how cute that Wade is. (and George, and Lavon, and everyone.)

    We were so excited when the show started, when one of the show’s stylists reached out to us to feature our jewelry on the show—our wide variety of jewelry is an excellent fit for the varying outfits and styles between the characters on Hart of Dixie!

    Zoe Hart Jewelry Style

    The main character, Zoe Hart, is seen most often rocking Nashelle: (click the images to see the jewelry!)

    hart-of-dixie-horseshoe-necklace zoe-hart-nashelle-dixie

    AnnaBeth Nass Jewelry

    In a recent episode, one of our favorite side characters, AnnaBeth Nass, rocked our Hyami Earrings, and they look absolutely spectacular on her! Perfect for her fun and cute style:


  • The Grammy Awards Red Carpet Style

    You know us – we love a good award show! We just passed by the Golden Globes, and the Oscars are less two weeks away, so it’s time to talk about the Grammys!

    2014 was a whirlwind of new music, and we are so impressed by every artist out there. Whether you’re an Iggy Azalea fan, or you can’t stop listening to Taylor Swift (so, all of us), there was new music for everyone this year… and we’re pretty sure everyone deserved a hundred Grammy Awards!

    But… that’s not how it works. We were SO happy to see 20 Feet from Stardom receive best Music Film of the year. It was such a brilliant film and it definitely deserved the Grammy! And of course, we weren’t surprised to see Stay With Me win Song of the Year. We’ve all heard that song about a thousand times since it’s been released—whether you’re a fan or not!

    Best rock song? Ain’t It Fun, of course! It’s so fun seeing Paramore back on the music scene—they’re a truly talented group, and they totally deserved this Grammy!

    Grammy Performances!

    What can we say… BEYONCE. We are never disappointed with a Beyonce performance, and she ROCKED it. And what about Ed Sheeran?? We loved seeing that guy perform with John Mayer, Jeff Lynne, Herbie Hancock and Questlove!

    Not sure if anyone will argue with us on this one, but we’re pretty sure Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine stole the night with their performance of My Heart is Open.


    Grammy Red Carpet

    But of course, you know what we really care about—that RED CARPET STYLE! And boy, oh boy—we weren’t disappointed with what they had to offer!

    We love the gorgeous white on Ariana!! Taylor… is there anything she wears that we don’t love?? Katy Perry’s ‘do is giving us some serious hairspiration. Iggy’s hair caused some debate across the board, but there’s no denying that blue is perfect on her! Nikki… you go, girl.


    Sia—while we don’t understand why you shy away from the camera, we adore you, no matter what. And the way she pulled this off is amazing!


    And Rihanna, you are brilliant! You got a lot of flack for this gorgeous dress, but you KNOW every woman watching was filled with nostalgia, and a desperate need to dress up in pastels again!


    What did you think of the awards this year? Are there any artists you thought should’ve won? Who was your favorite of the red carpet styles?

  • Clothing Sale at Nashelle!

    We’re clearing the way for new designs and styles, so we have to get rid of some old stock! Take a few minutes to peruse our selection of fun styles for men, women and children…

    Our women’s styles come in three different styles – our maxi length dress, cut-off sweatshirt style and a dolman shirt! Click the images to find your favorite style in our clothing sale:

    sweet-t-shirt-one-love-square dress-pic-square one-love-t-shirt-square

    Wanna snag a shirt for the man in your life? These Be the Good shirts are soft, comfy and they feature an awesome message!

    mens-shirt mens-shirt2

    Looking for something for the kiddos? You’ll love our Be the Good shirt style!

    believe-there-is-good-kids olive-after-lizard-search

    And while we’re having our clothing sale, do you have a suggestion for a new style of shirt you’d love to see from Nashelle? Share your ideas in the comments below!

  • The Importance of Place

    “Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”
    - Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Something that doesn’t get talked about often enough is the importance of place. The importance of having a place to call home, whether it IS a home, or an office or even a coffee shop that means something to you. We all have a wonderful sense of nostalgia when we call up images of the place we got married, or the camp where we spent our grade school summers. Place is important.

    That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing to pick up and move across the country, or that there’s something wrong with loving to travel or be away from home—it just means that there is a strong sense of love or longing for a single place in our life. That place can be your home, but it can also be the city you traveled to for your 10 year anniversary, or the town where your grandmother grew up.

    Wherever it is, it’s nice to identify and know what that place is—whether you go back to that city or not. That’s why we created these coordinates necklaces, to show our love for wherever we come from (or wherever we’re going), and keep those coordinates close to our hearts.


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