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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • Pay it Forward Day is April 30

    Paying it Forward has been a HUGE part of Nashelle, from the very beginning. Between our Fashion Feeding Hunger, Family Access Network and Be the Change campaigns, our dedication to giving back has been at the forefront of what we do from the start.

    But when we try to make Pay it Forward Day every day, how can we make the ‘official’ Pay it Forward Day just a little bit more special? We’re doing it in our own little way—by giving away one of our Pay it Forward bracelets ($10 value) with every purchase made on our website on April 30! In addition to that, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING all day, on every purchase with ground shipping!! (not guaranteed for Mother’s Day)

    *Free shipping on Ground orders within the United States
    *Does not apply to previously placed purchases
    *Free shipping and bracelet valid only 4-30-2015

    Pay it Forward Day

    Ways You Can Celebrate Pay it Forward Day

    There are SO many ways to celebrate Pay it Forward Day, and make someone else’s Thursday (or any day!) shine a little brighter! We’ve collected a few of our favorites from around the Internet here—you can choose your favorite!


    We can all agree—a little coffee will brighten anyone’s day! Leave an extra five dollars at the register when you visit Starbucks tomorrow morning, to help cover the cost for the next person in line.


    Okay, not all of our ideas will be about food and drink, we promise—but cookies are ALWAYS a good idea, are we right? Bake a plate of cookies and bring it to your local Fire Department or Police Station tomorrow!


    No day spent at the laundrymat is fun—but it becomes that much better when you find out that your spin cycle is paid for! Leave a roll of quarters at your nearest laundry facility or car wash (or even a vending machine!) to help someone out.


    Bring a bunch of helium balloons (or stuffed animals) to the kids ward at your local hospital! It’s the sweetest thing ever to see the looks on their faces, and it’s one of our favorite things to do!


    Most people don’t like to see envelopes on their car windows, but when it’s a card wishing them a beautiful day, how can they help but smile? Leave a couple cards on windshields as you’re out and about tomorrow!


    You know those construction workers you pass every day as you’re driving in to work? They could use some donuts! Bring by a dozen hot off the rack and drop it off for the people making our roads a safer place!

    How are you going to be celebrating Pay it Forward Day tomorrow? We would LOVE to hear your stories on our Facebook page! Share with us for an opportunity to win some of our Pay it Forward bracelets!

  • Leather Bracelets for Nepal

    There are no words to convey our sadness over the devastation in Nepal, and we wanted to give back in the small way that we can. We’re partnering with Food for the Hungry’s work in Nepal to donate what we can to their relief efforts. Food for the Hungry reacted immediately to the news of the earthquake in and around Nepal, and they’re doing what they can to provide the essentials to the people there: food, water, shelter and emergency supplies. They need all the help they can get to aid the men, women and children of Nepal, and we want to do what we can to help their efforts.

    100% percent of the net proceeds of these $15 leather bracelets go directly to Food for the Hungry’s Nepal relief fund! Choose from four colors and share these bracelets with your friends and family. These leather bracelets can serve as a reminder to keep the people of Nepal in your thoughts and prayers during this hard time.

    The mountain stamp we chose for these bracelets is not only a reminder of Mt. Everest, but a symbol for strength—the symbol of a community standing strong together to support our fellow humans.

    You can also donate directly to Food for the Hungry here: http://fh.org/nepal


  • Coachella Fashion 2015

    Coachella may have begun as a music festival, but in the past few years it has quickly turned into a star-studded fashionista extravaganza! The outfits spotted at Coachella are beautiful, wild, stunning and unique to this super fun festival—and we’re recapping them for you here!

    Here are Nashelle’s top three Coachella-inspired necessities:

    1. Jewelry (obviously!)
    2. Sunglasses
    3. Crochet Dress

    JEWELRY - the statement piece to every outfit! This year’s popular choices for Coachella style were:  silver Aztec-inspired collar necklaces, colorful beaded choker necklaces, and or course stacked bracelets. In the image below Katy Perry is looking fabulous, taking the chocker necklace to a whole new level.

    Katy Perry's choker at Coachella 2015

    Models Jourdan Dunn and Sigail Currie rocked the beaded style in the picture below!

    Jourdan Dunn and Sigail Currie at Coachella

    SUNNIES - don’t let the sun block your from seeing all the beauty around you! The must have sunglasses this summer are: the 70’s John Lennon inspired round sunnies or now with a twist, heart shaped with iridescent colored lenses. Actress Sarah Hyland and her group of friends hit this trend right on the nose!!

    Sarah Hyland at Coachella

    CROCHET - Coachella and crochet are almost synonymous after this year’s festival! Crochet dresses were everywhere! From white to black to full on double rainbow, the crochet dress has that girly and bohemian feel  to it!  Sara Sampaio's dress in particular really took festival crochet to the perfect level!

    Sara Sampaio at Coachella

    And we love Gigi's crochet top for festival season!

    Gigi Hadid at Coachella 2015

    So now that we are all caught up on the latest festival trends, its time to get out there and show off your new inpired look! Shop Nashelle now for our selection of Coachella inspired jewelry.

    Coachella Inspired Jewelry

  • Mother’s Day Ordering

    THIRTEEN days until Mother’s Day—are you ready?! As you’re picking out goodies for your mom, don’t forget that every piece of Nashelle is made to order by hand—so we need a little extra time to hand stamp, forge and solder your mom’s present!

    Take a look at our shipping dates below to make sure your mom will get her hand stamped jewelry in time for Mother’s Day!

    April 27: Monday, April 27 will be your last day to order with Ground Shipping ($10), guaranteed with Mother’s day delivery.

    April 29: You have through Wednesday, April 29 to order Nashelle jewelry with 3-Day Shipping ($15), to get your mom’s handmade jewelry by May 10!

    April 30: Thursday, April 30 will be your last day to place an order with 2-Day Shipping ($20), in order to receive your package by Mother’s Day.

    May 5: This is your very last day to order! Choose Overnight Shipping ($45) by the end of day on Tuesday, May 5 and we’ll get your order overnighted to you in time for Mother’s Day!

    *Dates subject to change

    Our Favorite Jewelry for Mother’s Day

    Still having a hard time picking out Mother’s Day jewelry? Here are a few of our favorite jewelry choices for your mom’s gift:

    Not buying for your mom? These are great pieces for aunties, grandmas, sisters and in-laws! Personalize your own piece, so you can make this jewelry special for the person you're gifting it to!

    (Click the image to see the product page!)

    momma-necklace birthstone-necklace affirmation-necklace charm-chain-necklacemommy-neck heart-ring-blog

  • Earth Day

    As April 22, 2015 comes to a close, we celebrate another great Earth Day, and another step closer to a world that cares for Mother Earth a little more. Here at Nashelle, recycling is a huge part of what we do, and you can learn more about how Nashelle recycles here!

    And we all know how we will be showing our love… See the beautiful pieces we like to show off on Earth Day!

    Earth Day Jewelry

  • Taurus Jewelry

    Happy birthday, Taurus! We wish you blessings and challenges and excitement in the year ahead of you! Spend this year with the people you love, and be thankful for the ones around you.

    Taurus Jewelry

    See our favorite zodiac jewelry (taurus jewelry and more) here!

  • From the Founder: Design, Awe, Gratitude

    Design, Awe & Gratitude.


    Ryan and I headed into the warehouse to design on Sunday. He has a new technique for rings he wanted to try out.

    I am so excited to watch him carve, melt metal and pour....creating a unique stone/metal ring style we've been planning...

    Sometimes people ask me "Are you ever in awe with what you've built?" Most times the answer is that I am so caught up on the middle of it all, I don't quite see it....

    But it's moments like this, when I unlock the warehouse door on the weekend. The air is calm the energy is silent and everything speaks for itself. No one is around.

    I walk through the offices and desk areas and see everyone's beautiful hand crafted artwork, their styles, their hard work, their personal items and pictures placed to represent their personalities.

    The professional memories lingering to be remembered, the essence of dedication and true passion to create, the collages showing our milestones, and the little memorabilia left behind from years before....

    The tools resting to be picked up on Monday.

    And then, that is when I am in awe.

    I lightly touch things, I see deeper what I only glanced at the week before in my rush.
    I twist things and turn our designs to catch their beautiful angle in the sunlight.... and I am in awe.

    I recognize what I have created.

    I see what we all have built.

    I stand like a little child in a candy store full of wonder, excitement, anticipation and gratitude.

    I AM in awe and I am so thankful.

    xo, Heather Nashelle

  • Good Morning America Feature

    For over fifteen years now, Nashelle has been proud to be a brand that gives back. Through our Fashion Feeding Hunger campaign over the past two and a half years, we’ve been able to donate over 100,000 plates of food through organizations like Feeding America and NeighborImpact; through our Cancer Warrior campaigns, we’ve been able to financially support many families dealing with cancer of all kinds; through our Be the Change campaign, we’ve gotten to partner with Food for the Hungry’s initiative helping female entrepreneurs in third world countries. We have been truly blessed to be cared for by a loving community that supports our mission and helps us to thrive.

    Every day, the people here at Nashelle work toward giving back even more, and it is always an honor to be recognized for the work that we do in giving back both locally and globally.

    This morning, Nashelle was honored to be featured on Tory Johnson’s online segment on Good Morning America—showcasing brands that give back in a huge way. Nashelle’s handmade jewelry was featured along with other giving brands like LSTN, SOLO Eyewear and Greyston Bakery.

    As part of the feature on ‘Deals and Steals,’ each company is offering a truly amazing discount on a select few items on their websites. Here at Nashelle jewelry, we’re offering a 50% discount on two of our favorite styles of personalized pieces. Each of these handmade bracelets is stamped by hand right here in the USA—in our hometown of Bend, Oregon!


    We’ve chosen five special words to be hand stamped onto each bracelet—words that have special meaning to us, as well as our friends at Good Morning America! Every handmade bracelet is made to order and nothing is mass produced, making your piece truly one of a kind.

    For our hand stamped Dainty Cuff Bracelets, we’ve chosen the words LUCKY, PEACE, LOVE, SMILE and WISH. Each word is lovingly hand stamped into a gorgeous petite cuff bracelet, and will be sent out within ten business days.

    Our other bracelet—the Identity Bar Bracelet—has another five words you can choose from to be hand stamped into the bar: BELIEVE, BLESSED, DREAM, INSPIRE and FOREVER.

    Whether you’re buying these hand stamped bracelets for a loved one (don’t forget that Mother’s Day gift giving is just around the corner!) or for yourself, this handmade jewelry is not only a great fashion accessory—but also a way to support people in need. You can learn more about how we donate one plate of food for every piece of jewelry sold on the Feeding America page on our website!

    You can see the other brands featured in Good Morning America’s online segment at gma.yahoo.com, and our handmade bracelet sale will continue until midnight PST on April 17! Choose the word that means the most to you, and share your pictures on our social media channels at the links below!

    Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest

    Learn More About Heather, the Owner and Founder of Nashelle Jewelry

    Nashelle is a company born out of a love for metal working, and a deep desire to let fashion be more personal than big brands and the latest styles. Our personalized jewelry allows for our fans to choose the name, date or symbol that represents something to them, whether it’s the date they lost a loved one, or the coordinates to the city they honeymooned in.

    Heather, Nashelle’s owner and founder, has brought Nashelle from a one-woman show on her living room floor to a thriving company of 30+ employees, multiple locations in the USA and hundreds of wholesale partners across the world.

    Not only a successful businesswoman, Heather is also a mother of five, ranging in ages from two weeks old to ten years! Balancing home and work in a mighty display of talent, Heather continues to lead her team of people from here in Nashelle’s hometown of Bend, Oregon.

    Thank you to our amazing supporters who have helped us to spread our mission and share the love throughout the world—we would be nothing without our truly fantastic fans!

    xoxo, the Nashelle team

  • Mother’s Day Sale

    Mother's Day Sale

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re celebrating with a great deal on our website—as well as in our flagship store in Bend, Oregon!

    Snag TWENTY-FIVE percent off the jewelry on our website! Whether you’re buying for your mom or yourself, you can use our special promo code “MOMMY2015” to get your deal!

    The 25% off is THIS WEEKEND ONLY, so be sure to use the promo code before it’s too late!

    *Valid both in-store in the Old Mill District and online at www.nashelle.com
    *Offer not valid on previously placed purchases
    *Offer valid 4/17/2015 – 4/20/2015
    *Offer not valid on select items

  • Dumblonde in Nashelle Jewelry

    Shannon Bex and Aubrey O’Day just announced their newest music project a few weekends ago at the IHeartRadio red carpet, and we are SO excited for what’s coming down the pipeline from Dumblonde. These two are close to our heart, and the fact that Shannon lives in our hometown makes it even more fun!

    On the red carpet at IHeartRadio, both Shannon and Aubrey rocked our Chloe ‘Pure’ Necklace—which looked absolutely amazing with their deep V suits. We can’t get enough of their newest hair colors (how fun is the silver hair trend?!), and Shannon also wore our Sidra ‘Pure’ Necklace that evening.

    Audrey and Shannon in Nashelle Audrey and Shannon in Nashelle

    But our favorite part of the Dumblonde collaboration has to be their super cute new bracelets… if you like personalized jewelry, you can make your own on our website! Visit our personalized bracelet page to learn more.

    Branded. @dumblondeofficial bracelets by @nashelledesigns

    A photo posted by dumblonde (@dumblondeofficial) on

    Good luck, girls! We can’t wait to hear more about what’s coming with Dumblonde!

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