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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • Take Your Dog to Work Day

    We don’t bring our pups into the office every day – not a lot of jewelry would get made if we did – but we had to make an exception for Take Your Dog to Work Day! July 26 is the day, and we had a fun photo shoot with a couple of the office pups… meet Roxy, Stout and Bear!

    Roxy and Stout, The Pugs

    Lauren, our Marketing Director, has two little pugs that we can never get enough of: Roxy and Stout. You’ve probably spotted Roxy on the Nashelle Instagram before, because she’s one of the most photogenic dogs we’ve ever met!

    She’s wearing a Personalized Dog (pun SO intended) Tag Necklace (inscribed with I’M KIND OF A BIG DEAL) in this shot… and we’re a little jealous of how good it looks on her.

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  • Style Blogger: Glam Latte

    The internet is full of some truly amazing style blogs, and we follow a LOT of them. This blog is part of our series on the style bloggers that we work with here at Nashelle, and we’re so excited to share Glam Latte with you!

    Jamie Walsh of Glam Latte

    Order us a whole-milk venti Glam Latte with whip and could you sprinkle a little brilliant on it for good measure? Hold nothing, we want the whole shebang.

    Jamie Walsh sure chose a fitting title for her style blog. Glam Latte represents the perfect portions of all things fashion, from street wear to beauty to interior inspirations. Having been her own boss since 2009, she’s explored personal style, journalism and even bits of the world through her blog and more!

    Glam Latte and Nashelle

    We love to see Walsh adorn herself in loads of Nashelle jewels. The golds and silvers of our handmade jewelry stand out elegantly against her dark hair, and we’re constantly drooling over her style blogger photos. In the shots below, she’s rocking a pair of hoops that we can’t help but adore on her! She certainly knows how to pull off some sweet looks:

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  • Wander Bohemian Jewelry Feature: Luna Earrings

    These little bohemian earrings pack quite a punch. With Aztec, tribal and bohemian accents, the Luna Earrings will fill your heart with longing for exploration. Read more about these eye-catching half-hoops below.

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  • Moon Jewelry

    The moon has always had an air of mystery—a certain mystique that we can’t quite put our finger on. This past week’s New Moon, when the moon was all but invisible, was a chance to reflect on our lives and watch as the days passed, and our waning moon came back into view. This particular time is when our moon is at its most recognizable—the beautiful crescent shape that finds its way into so many depictions of our night sky.

    night-on-the-beach Continue reading

  • Heather’s Wedding Recap!

    This past weekend, we had the opportunity to witness one of the most beautiful things that you can experience in this life—the coming together of two people totally in love! Our founder and CEO got married this past weekend in Florence, to her fiancé Ryan. We’ve been watching their love story through the past year, and it was an honor to be a part of their day!

    Beach Wedding Photos Continue reading

  • Summer Solstice Jewelry

    Schools have set their students free, we’ve broken out our white pants and we’re working on our tans on a daily basis. But it isn’t summer just yet—the official first day is June 21st, the Summer Solstice.

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  • Style Blogger: Liz Teich

    The internet is full of some truly amazing style blogs, and we follow a LOT of them. This blog is part of our series on the style bloggers that we work with here at Nashelle, and we’re excited to feature our friend and style expert Liz Teich: the Brooklyn Stylist!

    Liz Teich of The Brooklyn Stylist

    We’ve been huge fans of Liz for years, and she’s one of our favorites of the Nashelle style bloggers, because she’s in one of our favorite cities—New York! This girl has been a stylist in Brooklyn for years, and runs her own style blog, as well.

    In addition to being a style maven, Liz is also a complete sweetheart. We have loved getting to know her through her blogs, and we plan on continuing to be a part of her style in the next few years!

    Liz and Nashelle

    Liz’s style encompasses everything about living in Brooklyn—the city life, the working girl, and the nights out on the town! When Liz jokingly requested our State Charm Necklace in the shape of the Brooklyn Borough, we jumped at the challenge! This state necklace isn’t just for states—it can be customized into any shape! The Brooklyn Borough Necklace (pictured below) is only the beginning...

    Style Blogger in Brooklyn Continue reading

  • Jewelry for New Moms

    It’s that time of the year – SPRING! You’re spotting more strollers and baby carriers every time you go out, and it seems like there’s a baby shower every weekend. Now, you COULD get the new mom in your life a pack of diapers—heaven knows she’ll love you for it—but if you’re looking for something more personal, we have just the present for you.

    New Moms Continue reading

  • National Fudge Day

    It’s potentially the silliest holiday we have, but we’re not fighting it—June 16 is National Fudge Day! We’re not ones to deny ourselves a square of chocolatey goodness, and we do love having an excuse to break out a plate of gooey tasty morsels.

    Featuring: Chevron Midi Ring | Triangle Charm Ring | Sparrow Charm Ring | Star Charm Ring


    Continue reading

  • Wander Bohemian Jewelry Feature: the Ashton Necklace

    Everybody, we’re pleased to introduce you to one of our favorites from the Wander Collection, the Ashton. With old English roots translatable to ‘ash-tree town’ you’ll immediately feel the pull to nature and power.


    Bohemian to the core, this handmade necklace features crystals, a druzy and a moonstone of various shapes and sizes, just as nature had intended. The staggered rocks hang from a 32” chain on a circular hoop. And since we love hints of subtle glam, the chain has been adorned with dainty gems on one side. How can you possibly you resist?

    An ‘Ashton’ is comfortable in her own skin and a pillar of strength – much like the women who shop with us. Feel the ‘Ashton’ old-soul energy and get one of these bohemian necklaces today to complete your summer look!

    Shop now: http://nashelle.com/ashton-wander-necklace

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