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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • International Sister’s Day

    This goes out to the girls who were there to hear about our first crushes, who braided our hair and played jump rope with us. This is for the girls who stayed in touch even when we went to different schools, who we called every weekend to talk about the classes we love, the professors we hated, the new girls we’d met that weren't even HALF as cool as them. This is for the girls who stood by our sides at our weddings, the girls we threw bridal showers for, and the first people we called when we found out we were pregnant. This is for the girls who cry with us when everything goes wrong, and the girls who smile with us when everything is right.

    These girls have been with us through everything, and they'll be with us through so much more.

    This goes out to our sisters.

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  • Leo Jewelry

    Happy birthday, Leos! Starting now, take charge of the month ahead, and celebrate as only Leos know how. Buying for a Leo birthday coming up? We have just the best necklaces for your gift! Our Zodiac Bar Necklace is always a classic – and we do love the single zodiac stamp on these Zodiac Mini Charm Necklaces!

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  • 40% Off... Everything!

    Yup, you read that right—the biggest sale that Nashelle has ever done. EVER!

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  • Bike Jewelry

    The Tour de France has just finished, and in honor of the greatest bike race in the world, we thought we’d feature one of our favorite pieces of bike jewelry! You can get this bike handstamped into many of our personalized jewelry pieces! We especially  love it on this Disc ‘Identity’ Ring, as shown below:

    Handstamped bike jewelry Continue reading

  • Style Blogger: Stuff She Likes

    There’s always a new style blog popping up, but every once in a while, you stumble upon something truly great. This blog is part of our series on the style bloggers that we work with here at Nashelle, and we’re excited to feature the beautiful Taye Hansberry of StuffSheLikes!

    Taye of Stuff She Likes

    In addition to perfect skin and perfect hair, Taye is also just one of the sweetest people we’ve ever met. We had the chance to meet her at a Blogger Lunch Event a few months ago, and it’s been so awesome seeing her rock our jewelry since. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see that she loves our personalized jewelry!

    Taye and Nashelle

    We’ve outfitted Taye with some of the best of our lines, including this super cute Love Triangle Necklace! This piece was designed by our founder and CEO’s husband right around Mother’s Day, and has already become one of our favorite pieces in the ‘Identity’ line.

    Style Blogger with Jewelry Continue reading

  • Crystal Jewelry

    The healing power of crystals is something that we’ve discussed in detail before, in regards to our Evandale Ring, but that’s not all crystal jewelry is good for… it’s also just REALLY pretty. Peruse through some of our favorite crystal jewelry below!

    Crystal Earrings

    THESE EARRINGS. At approximately 3.5” long (crystals vary in size and shape), these crystal earrings hang just above your shoulder, drawing the attention toward your neck and jawline. Understated—yet stunning—these earrings might be just the accessory you’re looking for to help jazz up your summer style!

    Raw Crystal Earrings Continue reading

  • Style Blogger: Ramshackle Glam

    There are tons of style blogs out there on the world wide web, and we have had such fun following them and getting style inspiration. This blog is part of our series on the style bloggers that we work with here at Nashelle, and we’re excited to feature our friend and style expert Jordan of Ramshackle Glam!

    Jordan of Ramshackle Glam

    Jordan Reid is the CUTEST. We’ve been following the Ramshackle Glam blog for a while, and we’re in love with every post on her Instagram! Not only does she have some of the cutest kids around, she’s also making us want to shop off our hair and get that cute summer bob for ourselves!

    Jordan and Nashelle

    When we were deciding what to send Jordan, one thing came to mind—simplicity! With two little kiddos, two little dogs and the chaos that comes along with any family, we wanted to give her a go-to piece to rock wherever she’s headed. A piece that helps every girl add a little glam to her wardrobe, even when life is crazy.

    So of course, we had to go with the Describe Yourself Necklace! We hand stamped “JORDAN” into this necklace for her, and we are so happy to see her rocking it out for dates with her husband and kids, along with mud runs with her besties! Peruse the photos below to see some of our favorites:

    style-blog-food-prep Continue reading

  • Featured Jewelry: Infinity Ring and Bracelet

    Our ‘Pure’ jewelry collection is all about simplicity. Every piece is soldered and forged by hand, with great attention to detail and the outcome of the piece. This attention is shown very clearly in the smooth edges of our Infinity X jewelry—this bracelet and ring combo!

    Infinity Jewelry Continue reading

  • Celebrating Bastille Day (with food!)

    Here at the Nashelle warehouse, we’re smack dab in the middle of Oregon—there isn’t a lot of French culture around these parts! But since today is Bastille Day, we’re channeling our French sides (and food!) for some awesome celebrations!

    We snagged this beautiful recipe for a Traditional Potato Pie from our friend over at French Girl Cuisine! Take a look at this beauty…

    Potato Pie for Bastille Day! Continue reading

  • Portland Grand Opening

    We’ve had our soft opening for the past two weeks, and it has been so much fun seeing all your beautiful faces stop by our Bridgeport Village store! It’s now time for our official grand opening of Nashelle Bridgeport Village, and it’s TODAY! (Friday, July 17)

    Click here for our Facebook Event!


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