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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • VMAs - Red Carpet Style

    It’s been so long since the awards carpet show, we were super excited on Sunday night, when the VMAs finally rolled around. We haven’t been able to obsess over red carpet styles since the Tony Awards back in June!

    So here’s what we thought of this year’s VMA red carpet style…

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  • Sixteen Years - Share your stories with us!

    Sixteen Years.

    A lot of things can happen in sixteen years. A newborn baby turns into a licensed-to-drive teenager; four presidential terms fly by; kids grow up and parents get older, relationships blossom and fall apart. Change, growth, failure, success - sixteen years is a long time.


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  • Personalized Necklaces for Back-To-School

    Back to school…can’t you just smell the fresh pencils? Whether you’ve been out of school for a couple of years, are starting your first year of high school or will be the one dropping the school-goers off the first of September, the transition from summer into fall is a nostalgic time of year. It’s a time to break out the plaids, white oxfords, new Keds and, no doubt, your monogrammed jewelry!

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  • Women’s Equality Day

    August 26 is a significant date for women. The amendment for women’s suffrage was signed into law on this date in 1920 and women were allowed to vote for the first time in US history.

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  • Founder’s Day: Mountain Necklace

    It was 99 years ago this week that the National Park Service was established. Beginning with Yellowstone and all the glorious hot springs, geysers, rocky terrain and, of course, wildlife, and the noble undertaking in conservation. There are now 58 parks in the National Park Service, from the very northern tip of Maine to the Denali Range in Alaska.

    If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, you’ll love our hand stamped mountain jewelry! Pictured below on our shorter 16” chain, this Mountain Necklace is a subtle reminder of your connection with nature and all the beauty in the world. We love the National Parks and we love this necklace. And since we’re a locally-made, hand-crafted company you can be sure that every item is made with love and integrity.

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  • Featured Amethyst Earrings

    Looking for a pair of earrings to set you apart? Boy, do have we have the pair for you! They’re our Kamilah ‘Untamed’ Earrings and they’re more than a little striking.

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  • Hawaii Statehood Day

    Today is Hawaii Statehood Day! Whether you’re actually in Hawaii or just wish you were, today’s the day celebrate all the fun, festive traditions of Hawaiian culture. No ties to the islands? Doesn’t matter to us! We’re always on board with an excuse to throw a party (or at least have a Pina Colada).

    Hawaii Statehood Day
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  • Style Blogger: Racquel Natasha

    We love introducing you to our fabulous style bloggers each week as a part of our series! Today’s fashion fanatic is an inspiring woman of true style who wears Nashelle with the utmost perfection. We’re excited to feature the beautiful Racquel Natasha.

    Racquel Natasha

    Racquel’s diverse collection bodes well with her west coast vibe. There’s a certain simplicity to her statement, which is why her “Lucky” Charms rings are perfect in our Diamond and Cross shapes.

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  • Coco Chanel’s Birthday

    There’s no other way to describe Coco Chanel: she IS the personification of class and style. From her pioneering of loose-fitting clothing to her signature pearls and bob, Coco is a legend in the fashion industry, and someone that every leader in the world of style continues to look to as a source of inspiration and creativity.

    Happy birthday, Chanel!

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  • New Handmade 'Pure' Rings

    Welcome to Pure.

    Purely simple. Purely timeless. Purely elegant.

    Justifiably one of our most popular collections. ‘Pure’ features basic shapes that can be worn with a white tee-shirt and jeans, or out in that little black dress for cocktail hour. We swear by it. Which is why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our three newest items.

    These new handmade rings are going to blow your socks off (with subtle detail and fine craftsmanship)!

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