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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • February's Amethyst Stone


    Seriously, though. Anyone else adore Amethyst? February's birthstone is a win.

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  • Superbowl 50 Jewelry

    Superbowl FIFTY is going down on February 7, and we here at Nashelle are choosing sides! You can pick your side with our fun Superbowl jewelry!

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  • Heart Jewelry for Valentine's Day!

    Valentine's Day is in just a few weeks and if you haven't picked out the jewelry you'll be wearing on February 14, we've got just the blog post for you. When it comes to heart jewelry, we here at Nashelle have our bases covered. Read below to find our favorite heart necklaces, rings and so much more!

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  • Mini Heart Necklace Sale!

    For the next 24 hours, get one of our favorite necklaces for over 40% off! Read all the details below...

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  • Aquarius Necklace

    Another month, another Zodiac! Happy birthday to all of our Aquarius friends!


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  • Valentine's Day Sale 2016

    We're having a big Valentine's Day Sale this year, and we're are excited to announce all the details now! Keep reading...

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  • All Natural Lip Gloss

    We are so excited to announce that we now have TILT COSMETICS for sale on the Nashelle website! These gorgeous colors and long lasting glosses are exactly what every girl needs in her makeup collection!

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