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  • 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

    It's the most wonderful time of the year... Nashelle's annual Twelve Days of Christmas! If you haven't participated in our most-loved giveaways of the year yet, you're in for a treat.

    Every year, starting on the first of December, Nashelle launches the biggest giveaway of the year, featuring tIwelve days of HUGE giveaways, all on our Facebook page! We choose our bestselling pieces (as well as in-house favorites), and give them away.

    But that's not all... on December first, we'll give away one piece, on the fifth, we'll give away five, on December ninth, we'll give away nine pieces... do you get the picture? By December twelfth, we'll be giving away twelve of our favorite necklace! Stay tuned every day, so you won't miss a single one...

    12 Days of Christmas Jewelry Giveaways Continue reading

  • Founder's Favorites Giveaways

    Check below for the latest winners of our Founder's Favorites Giveaways! Follow Heather Straw on Instagram: @heather.nashelle

    WINNERS: email customerservice@nashelle.com to claim your prize!


    Speak Love Necklace and Puzzle Piece Necklace

    Our TWO Sets of Winners...

    @JULES792000 and her tagged friend @LUV_MYDACHSHUND

    @XOXOALLYGIRL and one of her friends!


    Describe Yourself 'Identity Necklace

    Our TWO Sets of Winners...

    @ahasslen and her tagged friend, @reallyjustamermaid

    @rgentes, and her tagged friend @jo828ny

    heart-necklace horseshoe-necklace-nashelle

    Open Heart 'Pure' Necklace + Dasia 'Echo' Necklace

    Our FIVE Sets of Winners...

    @stacey_omalley, and her tagged friend @laurencpeter

    @jenns.world, and her tagged friend @lunathelight

    @cbostedt, and her tagged friend @tay_tay_17

    @lindsayrae31, and one of her tagged friends

    @charlotte_d238, and one of her tagged friends

  • Nashelle Love Giveaway

    It is time to announce the winners of our Nashelle Love Giveaway...



    RURU315 and MVELOSO153



















    Email customerservice@nashelle.com to claim your prize in gold or silver! Please include your mailing address and username! Be sure to take your Vanessa style photo when you receive your gift!

    Didn't win? Find the necklace here: http://nashelle.com/mini-heart-choker-identity-necklace

  • 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

    A classic holiday song and an annual tradition here at Nashelle... it's time for the 2014 Twelve Days of Christmas!

    Every day on the Nashelle Facebook page, we're giving away some of our favorite pieces... and a lot of them! On December first, we'll be giving away one piece, on the second, we'll give away two, on December third, we're giving away three... do you get the picture? By December 12th, we'll be giving away twelve versions of our favorite necklace!

    WINNERS: Email customerservice@nashelle.com within one week, with your name, address and the piece you won to claim your prize! Orders will be processed after the finish of our giveaways, and each piece will be as displayed in the photograph (except for day 1 and day 12, our customizable pieces)!

    How do you enter to win? The usual! Comment, like and share our posts! Every day, the winners will be announced right here on the blog:




    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    ONE Stone Wrapped Initial 'Identity' Necklace!

    ONE Winner... Sue Hakanson!









    On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    TWO Solar 'Untamed' Rings!

    Winners... Ahollokah Nanpisa + Christi Hostetler









    On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    THREE XOXO 'Identity' Necklaces!

    Winners... Jennifer Record Wentworth, Debra Henslee, Kelly Lauver Barth









    On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    FOUR Large Oblong 'Pure' Hoops!

    Winners...Linda Kubala, Peggy Oxendine, Ali Romero & Kat Rogers









    On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    FIVE Wish 'Identity' Charm Necklaces!

    Winners... Nici Mazziotti, Melinda Brown, Mackenzie Geisel, Stephanie Speidel Kramer, Catherine Ewers









    On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    SIX Mini Heart 'Identity' Bracelets!

    Winners... Kate Kranzush, Marceline Judith, Claribel Sanchez, Jill Patterson Pidcock, Dana Hofelmann Rugg, Cindy McCown Greer








    On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    SEVEN Blessed 'Identity' Necklaces!

    Winners... Jackie Hunt, Lorena Macfarlane-VanBuren, Tiffani Cable, Esther Fasana Stewart, Celeste Dixon-riggs, Jenn N Barry Powell, Caitlyn Wentworth










    On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    EIGHT Heart 'Pure' Bracelets!

    Winners... Brittany Lougy, Nichole Phanco, Chrissy Childs, Kaila Ramoss Rhoden, Tammy Appleton, Amber Black, Heather Mccullough-Dunn, Kelsey Flake








    On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    NINE Dream 'Identity' Bar Necklaces!

    Winners... Mariah Wheir, Kay Garrett, Brandy Hlavinka Bailey, Samantha Steele, Nikki Lupia, Mariah Staats, Nicole Marie Hays Hulett, Jo Dawn, Diana C. Sawyers









    On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    TEN Small Coil 'Pure' Rings!

    Winners... Sharon Meagher, Phyllis Torpey Kopec, Kirstyn Beyer, Tiffanie Roscoe, Ang Kripplebauer, Caroline Cunningham, Shawna Clarquist Wilt, Jordyn Turner, Sage Marie, Valerie Sawyer Kelly









    On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    ELEVEN Simple 'Identity' Bar Necklaces!

    Winners... Lyndsey Hendrix, Laurie Darling Leever, Sue Spring, Donna Quesenberry, Anne-Marie Walden, Laken Berlin, Shannon Welter, Amy Rogers, Heidi Brown, Chantel Weaver, Zoe Hunter Lee








    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

    TWELVE Lucky Bars 'Identity' Necklaces!

    Winners... Amy Chamberlain McCorkle, Lynnel Rae George, Penny Eddington, Shaylynn Marie Maier, Alexa Crutchfield Gassner, Samantha Overman, Kendall Romig, Lindsey Richards, Nicole Camberg, Adriene Holcomb, Nadine Kipphardt, Meg Moen


    Click the photos above to be directed to the individual product pages!

  • Pay it Forward Bracelet Giveaways!

    Have we ever mentioned we LOVE giveaways? But what we love even MORE is the idea of paying it forward. Of doing good and giving back and helping others. And we want to see how YOU do it!


    From our founder:

    I am inspired to do something CRAZY. And because I am the owner, I get to throw caution to the wind and see if I can pull off my WILD idea.... wink.

    I want to cultivate change, to ignite thought and intention... To help create a beautiful world around us. It is my passion. I believe strongly in 'paying it forward', in love & kindness to those you know and those may never get a chance to ever know. The life we live now with intention and grace will create a beautiful shift in this lifetime. Starting today and for the next 2 weeks.... I want to see YOU share what you do that day to 'Pay It Forward', to create beauty! Shout from the roof tops how you went out of your way to help another person, to help create a smile, to offer a hug, share a cup of coffee, lend an ear, compliment a child, visit an elderly, drop a meal off of on a neighbors porch that may just need a break. Whatever....!! It can be tiny or grandiose.... The intention is just that is it pure love and honest kindness.

    Each day the TOP 10 submissions on the actual day of the post with the MOST 'likes' will be gifted a bracelet that is very near and dear to US here at 'Nashelle' - our 'Pay It Forward' Heart Bracelet. The 'voting' is OPEN to the public!! We will be giving away 140 bracelets total!! The submissions start at 9:00am PST each day and end at 9:00am PST the following day for two weeks!! Lets do something CRAZY and INSPIRE each other and TALK openly about how WE all are making a change TOGETHER!! YES!! Have FUN, spread the word of INSPIRATION and post HERE on our 'Nashelle' fb page. Wishing TONS of love, happiness and support to everyone. Have a great day!!

    Big X's and O's, Heather Nashelle Straw.

    Every day for the next two weeks, leading up to the first day of December, we'll be giving away TEN bracelets to people sharing their Pay-it-Forward story on our Facebook post. The top ten comments (decided by likes!) will win these bracelets!

    We'll announce the winners the next day at 9am, right here on the blog! Good luck, and thank you for sharing your story! Email customerservice@nashelle.com to claim your prize!

    Day #1 Winners: Jasmine Helsley, Rosalea Peters, Jennifer Anderson, Kerry Hertel Boysen, Jaisa Farleigh, Sarah Napier Jewett, Jammie Filkins Truax, Melissa Rogers, Tila Motzko, Liz Beaty, Hudson TL

    Day #2 Winners: Pattie Killeen Cowan, Heather Hamil Nichols, Jackie Abslag, Stacy Philip, Colby Ann, Colette Thornton Kelly, Kim Fritz, Mario N Erin Chavez, Samantha Schwartz, Jennifer Anderson

    Day #3 Winners: Stacie Gordon, Maddie McRojas, Kristen Kimball, Lyndsay Smith, Allison Dickerson, Megan Meyer, Christine White, Jody Helgerson, Amy Swinton, Kristine Evans, Stacey Shields Miller, Meagan May, Melissa Shaulis Mazzur, Teresa Coney, Heather Rene Caluya, Elle Ford, Kay Juarez, Beth Lego, Rachael Lee-anne Rowberry, Kelly Seaton Cloud

    Day #4 Winners: Laci Hickey, Kimberley Dafoe Smick, Tony Amy Starr, Dave-Becky Engles, Jill Beaulieu, Lauren Najjarpour, Mindy Campbell Noe, Debbie Thomas, Cheryl Lanier, David Christopher Musgrave

    Day #5 Winners: Monica Dyakanoff, Dawn Duran-Roberts, Amy Swinton, Laura Mackey, Wendy Rector Dimond, Alissa Keys Guthrie, Jody Olson Tuntland, Shellie Mejia, Debbie Thomas, Janell Hakanson McCollum

    Day #6 Winners: Tawnya Wallace McPhetridge, Kristin Gricks, Stephanie Magee, Kimberly Young, Eve McGee-Malone, Debbie Thomas, Stacie Bonnell Anderson, Maddie McRojas, Autumn Flora, Sally Thompson

    Day #7 Winners: Pattie Killeen Cowan, Jake N Kristin, Tina holiday- Hannan, Diane Philip, Nicole Addison, Charlotte Dennis, Cynthia Tongate, Lisa Vogler, Deborah Osborne, Shannon Mackey Colbert

    Day #8 Winners: Pattie Killeen Cowan, Jake N Kristin, Molly Hietapelto, Heather Hamil Nichols, Michele Bucknell, Kathlyne Stokes, Cynthia Tongate, Stacie Gordon, Rachael Lee-anne Rowberry, Charlotte Dennis

    Day #9 Winners: Jake N Kristin, Jennifer Anderson, Kim Fredricks Sanders, Debbie Thomas, Lauren McSweeney, Liz Sawers Stewart, Velder Tweedy Dixon, Susan Lawrence, Viola Christina

    Day #10 Winners: Susan Lawrence, Amanda Frank McCarthy, Laci Hickey, Mandi Cochran-Frost, Cynthia Tongate, Mandy Laurel S, Mia Shapiro, Jennifer Umsted, Charlotte Dennis, Sonja Moore

    Day #11 Winners: Laci Hickey, Mandi Cochran-Frost, Sunshower Rose, Kathlyne Stokes, Rachael Lee-anne Rowberry, Tamara Ackley, Susan Lawrence, Wendy Rictor Dimond, Debbie Thomas, Sarah Fine

    Day #12 Winners: Charlotte Dennis, Tracy Wedding, Jennifer Anderson, Foresight Learning, Sarah Stoller, Mandi Cochran-Frost, David Christopher Musgrave, Teri Coxen Braun, Cynthia Tongate, Wendy Rector Dimond

    Day #13 Winners: Debbie Thomas, Molly Sinnott Bragg, Mandi Cochran-Frost, Jordan Schweitzer, Jamie Kay Olson, Brenda Barfield Porter, Cindi Hoppes, Wendy Rictor Dimond, Alicia Dansby, Cynthia Tongate

    Day #14 Winners: Velder Tweedy Dixon, Mario N Erin Chavez, Autumn Dansby, Ashley Kerfoot, Jamie Kay Olson

    Psstt... the best part of all this is that every piece is going to be handmade by our founder, Heather Straw!!! Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of Zade and Heather working on the bracelets:

    heather-and-zade-nashelle heather-zade-working


  • 15 Days of Giveaways from Nashelle!

    Call us crazy for giving away thirty pieces of jewelry in fifteen days… but we love you guys, and we want to say THANK YOU for an amazing fifteen years! It’s been an awesome adventure, and we are so excited about the next fifteen years.

    In the next few weeks, we will be giving away one piece of jewelry every day on Facebook, and one on Instagram. We’ve chosen fifteen of our favorite pieces from a variety of our jewelry collections, and we can’t wait to send them out to our loyal fans!

    How it Works...

    You will have 24 hours from the time the photo is posted to enter by commenting, liking and sharing the picture on both Facebook and Instagram. You will have two opportunities to enter each day—once on each social network.

    After the winner has been chosen, we will post them HERE on our Nashelle blog, so be sure to check back regularly and see if you won! If you’re one of the lucky winners, email info@nashelle.com within 5 days to claim your prize and customize your new piece of Nashelle jewelry! Good luck, everyone!

    Nashelle Jewelry Giveaway Winners!



    Small Monogram 'Identity' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Liz Ticona

    Instagram: @kels22shu





    Mini Heart Choker 'Identity Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Jennifer Umsted

    Instagram: @daniellehove





    Personalized 'Identity' Cuff Ring winners...

    Facebook: Erica Holzman

    Instagram: @mdyakanoff





    Arrow 'Pure' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Lori Scearcy

    Instagram: @kaileymstevens





    Personalized Bar 'Identity' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Brenda DeGree

    Instagram: @courtneyrmcclusk





    Signature 'Pure' Earrings winners...

    Facebook: Jennifer Howard

    Instagram: @laurenklontz





    Customizable 'Identity' Bar Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Irene Lavergne Walters

    Instagram: @wgilbert07





    Lucky Charms 'Identity' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Jody Page

    Instagram: @partyofnine





    Mini Charm 'Identity' Ring winners...

    Facebook: Yvonne Magee

    Instagram: @mollyhietapelto





    Rain 'Untamed' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Kate Pliester

    Instagram: @kaylagottfried





    Big 'Pure' Hoop Earring winners...

    Facebook: Rachel Pisapia

    Instagram: @brookedevault





    Eternity 'Pure' Necklace winners...

    Facebook: Rachel Plaskin Solinger

    Instagram: @maddiemcrojas





    Lovely 'Signature' Ring winners...

    Facebook: Kate Hunter-McBrien

    Instagram: @shelley_scarborough_photo





    Small Coil 'Pure' Cuff winners...

    Facebook: Andi Manies

    Instagram: @abbykate907





    Geometric Heart 'Pure' Ring winners...

    Facebook: Lorel Berg

    Instagram: @lizziestew


    *Winners are selected at random
    *Individuals must like, comment, and share (or regram) to win

  • 'Inspiration Giveaway' Winners!

    We would like to share the inspiring stories of the three women who won our ‘Inspiration Giveaway.’  These three women were nominated by friends or family, and you can see what an impact they have had on others around them. Whether they have met difficult circumstances with grace and determination, lived a full life with compassion and kindness, or pushed for a better world around them, we were truly inspired by their stories, and are excited to shower them with Nashelle love!
    Here are their stories:

    Samantha Long
    I work with a 28 year who has the stamina that is unbelievable. She faced Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, fought it bravely, while all the time continuing her daily teaching, continuous fund raising (which she has always done), and going for her doctorate. She has a wonderful boyfriend who  is there for her, as well as a wonderful family and huge circle of friends.
    After her battle, she thought she was cancer free, but they found pancreatic cancer and had to do a Whipple surgery, which at 28 is hardly heard of. She went through that and was about to return to work, when she got a further diagnosis. She had a MET in her liver. She is about to have another surgery. Through this, she has still stayed positive and has made a blog about this journey. The first time I wrote this she hadn't done a video on Youtube, but I'm hoping you will look at it for a minute, and decide yourself why she should be nominated. She has a million friends and prayers out there, and all she thinks about is making a goal in the charity (unfortunately, she wound up getting that particular kind of cancer. )
    She's bright, funny, beautiful inside and out, and I hate to think of a world without her spirit, but as she says, her spirit will never be gone while she's here to fight.
    The video is http://youtu.be/WGqbqCEYBd8 youtube: In Just One Year- Sam’s fight. Take a look.
    Elyse Unrath 57 years old
    teacher at Bridesburg Elementary, mother of 2, grandmother of 3
    About: Samantha Long 28 years old, and fighting for her life....

    Stephanie Gray Cox
    I want to nominate one of my best friends for the mom award. Her name is Stephanie Cox. I want to nominate her because I admire all that she does. I am recently a new mom and never knew how hard of a job it truly is. Stephanie was recently widowed in April when her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. I watch and just admire all that she does to take care of her and her two boys. I dont know how she does it all. From just everyday activities to doing special things with them. I know that some days have to be really hard for her and having to do it all alone. I think she deserves this truly awesome giveaway for all she does for Grayson and Dalton and never really getting the reward she deserves. It would be a great gift in what has been a really hard year for her.
    Crystal Rochelle

    *Stephanie was nominated multiple times by different people (some of whom wished to remain anonymous) and we can see that she is very much an inspiration to those around her!

    Linda Gott
    Dear Nashelle Family,

    My mom is the best person I know, and hands-down the best person I'll ever know. She's everything I want to be, but I know that if I could become even half the person she is, that would be an accomplishment. My mom (Linda) has had a harder set of circumstances to deal with in her life than most. I've often struggled understanding how so many bad things can happen to such a wonderful person, but her constant faith, grace, and humor in all these situations remind me to look at the positive, grateful for each day. When I was 5, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that had entered her liver--a beyond-daunting diagnosis. She rolled in to her first day of full-body radiation wearing a Groucho Marx glasses/nose/mustache set, and proceeded with that same sense of spirit throughout a long but winning battle with cancer. In the years since, her health has been far from easy, details that go unnoticed to most due to her lack of complaint. She spends every waking moment caring for those around her and honestly forgetting to take care of herself most of the time. When I'm home from college I volunteer to go to the grocery store because I know if she goes it will take hours--everyone wants to talk to Mom and hear her advice.

    Last year, I got a call I never expected--my dad telling me that mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Just like that, the journey began again. As of last week, she is three months cancer-free, and I couldn't be more thankful. My mom, sister, and I all wear our "Be Still" necklaces as a constant reminder of our faith, love, hope, blessings, and so much more. If there's one person I know who lives out the message of "being still" every day, it's my mom. In the midst of her treatment last year, I really wanted to take some time off from college to be at home with her, but I felt that she wanted me to continue with school. When we'd talk on the phone she'd express concern about my classes, whether I was eating enough, and more--just another example of her extreme selflessness. I don't know what I'm doing with my life, and that's fine...I just want it to be something that matters. I want my mom to be proud of me. And while I've always wholeheartedly believed, grounded in what my parents live out, that it's important to do what you want regardless of the money, I want to be able to spoil my mom a little. She truly deserves it.

    Thank you so much for all that you do at Nashelle. Despite not living in Bend anymore, I really appreciate keeping up with all that you are doing in and for the community.



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