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DIY Yarn Hanging Tutorial

Recently, the Old Mill Nashelle store has been going through a make-over. In addition to a new rugs, updated window displays, and framed wall photos we have also incorporated DIY boho-chic hanging yarn wall art.


Because this was such an easy project, and fairly inexpensive, we decided to share the fun!


  1. Motivation, creativity, and good music
  2. 3-5 different yarn options
  3. A branch (or a rod of some kind, to hang the yarn from)
  4. Scissors
  5. A nail, or some fishing line to hang it from


Step 1

Gather your supplies and set up your work space on a table.

Step 2

Cut your yarn, all the same length. Your yarn strands should be twice the size of your rod. So if your rod was 3 feet long, your yarn should be 6 feet long. You can also braid three strings of together.


Step 3

Tie your yarn to the rod or branch. We used a slip knot, but pretty much any knot will work.

Our knot: Fold a single piece of yarn in half, place the middle of the yarn over the rod, and pull the ends through the loop. Adjust if needed.

Step 4:

Repeat until the rod is full, alternate colors, and make this piece your own!


Step 5:

Hang it up! Show it off. You did it!

Let us know how you did. We’d love to see what you make!