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MelissaRose x Nashelle Rose Ring

Nashelle Jewelry recently teamed up with beauty blogger, Jamie Stone, to create a ring in honor of her late sister, Melissa Rose. Jamie reached out to us because she wanted to do something special in honor of the first anniversary of her sister's death. We collaborated with Jamie to design a ring.  Since Melissa’s middle name was Rose, Jamie decided she wanted to design a laser cut rose ring. After a few design samples, we came up with this gorgeous ring.


The MelissaRose x Nashelle Rose Ring is available in 14K gold fill (or sterling silver!) and, 75% of net proceeds from the sale of each Rose Ring will be donated to Advocates For Opioid Recovery, an organization that works to help the nearly 80% of opioid addicts (1.9 million people) who want help for their addiction through medication, but can’t receive it.

ATP-041717-JAMIE-129 ATP-041717-JAMIE-151(Photos from http://honestlyjamie.com)

Jamie is dedicated to helping spread awareness of opioid addiction. Her hope is to prevent others from going through the heartbreak that she and her family experienced.

Here are a few facts about opioid addiction that you may not know:

  1. Every 19 minutes, one person dies from the cycle of opioid addiction in the U.S.
  2. Opioid addiction is now the #1 cause of accidental death in the U.S. (more common than death by car crash or gun violence)
  3. Currently, less than 3 percent of America’s physicians can prescribe recovery medications, and most of them have long waiting lists
  4. In some states, doctors have filled out more painkiller prescriptions than there are people in their state
  5. Opioids now kill more Americans than HIV/AIDS did at its peak in 1995

Nashelle is dedicated to helping support and promote various causes. Help us support Jamie and Advocates For Opioid Addcition through the purchase of the Melissa Rose x Nashelle ring. We have a variety of jewelry items with the proceeds benefiting various organizations. Check out our Shop For A Cause page.

Thank you Jamie for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with you and support Advocates For Opioid Addcition.

xoxo, Nashelle