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Nashelle Warrior Summer Update: Baby Hudson

We at Nashelle Jewelry love hearing about the new life milestones experienced by our 2017 Nashelle Warrior, baby Hudson Boeddeker. Hudson was born with Lissencephaly. You can read more about Hudson this blog post.

We recently caught up with Hudson's mom, Melaine. Their family got to celebrate Hudson's first birthday with a weekend celebration in Sun River. They also took a trip to the Oregon coast, where Hudson got to put his feet in the ocean for the first time! Read about Hudson and Melaine and their summer updates.

1. What challenges have you been facing the past few months?

The last couple months he’s had several illnesses. What is hard with any baby is trying to determine what they are feeling, where the pain is coming from or what is going on in general when they can’t speak. You start going through the check list of symptoms and diagnosing. With Hudson it’s a little scarier because he hasn’t had his vaccines and so most of the time, trying to figure out what he has requires a urine sample,  blood draw and a lot of the time an x-ray of his chest or abdomen to rule out pneumonia  which he’s had twice this year. Let me just tell you the x-ray device for infants so they can get a full view of his chest is a torture device for babies! It’s a piece of wood with a hole in it, with a teeny tiny seat, where his legs go on either side. Then a cylinder piece of plexiglass which goes around the babies body to hold them up right, and they strap him in with his arms above his head. Horrible!! If anyone can come up with something more humane, I’m sure you’d make a lot of money! Hudson’s immune system is very weak, so we have to be very careful about who is around him if their sick or who in our family is around those who are sick. If his oxygen levels are low, or if his fever is consistently above 103 and we can’t regulate it, that usually means a hospital stay. Even though we have everything at home to monitor all of this sometimes to avoid an ER visit a hospital stay is sometimes needed. I’ll tell you though we’ve learned after many doctor visits what works and what doesn’t. We know that now for a blood draw the only option is a NICU nurse. They are the ONLY ones who can get blood from his tiny veins in one stick. During one visit they tried 6x to draw blood…now we know what to request and not to back down. Hudson’s infantile spasms have increased daily which usually means we lose some of Hudson’s sweet personality. Lately we’ve gotten less smiles and less of an “upbeat Huddy”. Which is hard some days, you crave that smile and his coos because they’re just so perfect and some days I’m just grateful just to snuggle him.

Something more positive is this month we got to go to the beach with family. One more memory maker with our little family. Kyle and I wanted the chance to put Hudson’s feet in the ocean. Huddy LOVES being outside…in the shade on a blanket with the breeze, he instantly calms down. So we bought this really cool sun shade tent for him for the beach. It’s literally a tent cut in half to protect yourself from the sun and wind. So we got that up and laid him under that, he was so content. Then we decided it was time to put his feet in…..we discovered that Hudson hates the ocean. His feet instantly went up and he said “NOT going to happen!” It took a bit to calm him back down. J It was special for all of us none the less. It’s taken a while for us to have the courage to do what we said we would do, and create those memories.  Get him out and about and experience things all of us together. Like I’ve told you before, we knew that was important in the beginning but fear tends to take over and paralyze you. Then there are somethings that you know just aren’t possible, like camping. I would love our family to go camping. But because of Hudson’s needs, I talk myself out of it because I don’t want something to happen and not be near a hospital. Then I realize that we could go just Kyle, Hadley and myself but then a piece of us is missing. It’s an emotional battle you deal with, it seems like all the time. “Head Up, Heart Forward”, right?

2. What are you currently grateful for?

Where do I begin? Family, all of the support emotionally/and physically, friends…the list doesn’t end. There are days that you want to curl up inside and hide. There are days where everything that comes out of our mouth can be negative. But I personally find myself saying, “thank god for” ……. Whoever or whatever it is at that moment every day.

I’m grateful for my husband Kyle for the days that I’m down, he helps me and vice-versa. He is the only person who knows exactly how I feel. That I can say something out loud, that most would just keep to themselves and he confirms I’m not alone. To be able to have that friendship and trust in your spouse is so important. Hadley, our Daughter, who is a non-stop ball of energy but she always has a way of reminding us of what matters. Our families, who are there to offer whatever it is we may need help with at that time. The Cottage Daycare has been so giving of allowing Hadley to spend her Summer days there while we have to work, but the guilt sets in that she misses out on a lot with us working and the care Hudson needs, but our wonderful family and friends always include her when they can.  Western Title, my work family for the constant support, no questions asked. My friends who can make me laugh when I just don’t feel like it or I can say what I’m thinking and not be judged, or when I need wine! ;) The financial support we’ve received over the last year….people who are just giving of their time, money and love. It’s too much to comprehend. BMC Pediatrics, did you know that they are advocates for your children? Holy Cow! There are some angels that work at that place.  Sparrow Clubs of Central Oregon with the help of Seven Peaks School, along with Peter & Kristy May. Being able to teach those children how to give of their time and energy to help support someone in need and get nothing in return but to say I accomplished this for Hudson. Hudson is a celebrity at the school now! The families of Seven Peaks School who gave of their time and energy to put together fundraisers to increase funds for Hudson’s care!  Early Intervention who comes to our house weekly to give Hudson his therapy and have built his special bed so he can be as comfortable as possible. Sarah Alex, our caregiver for Hudson. She is a very special person to our family, who has a lot of love for Hudson and our family. She’s the perfect fit for us and what we need in our home. Last but never least, Heather, Skye and the team at Nashelle, your love and support of our family is more than I could have ever imagined. Forever I’ve been obsessed with Nashelle jewelry, my girls make fun of me because of my unhealthy obsession. You have surpassed and exceeded my wildest dreams.

Thank you to everyone I’ve mentioned or failed to mention, I apologize. We love each and every one of you. In May we celebrated Hudson’s 1st birthday at a house in Sunriver, we wanted a huge party and just to celebrate. We filled that house with 50 of our closest friends and family, near and far. To be able to look around that room and be filled with love and support was amazing. That was actually a hard day for Kyle and I, but that was overshadowed by so much love.   I could never imagine us living someplace else. Having the support of our community makes us feel like we’re constantly being wrapped up in a great big hug, I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.

3. What do you think about when you see your “head up heart forward” jewelry?

As I’m writing this today, 4 girls at my office are wearing their necklace. It’s a silent support... like an “I got you!” I support you, I’m there for you, I care...I feel warmth when I see it. When it started showing up at my office I heard a lot of the guys say “what’s up with the necklace” and then they would explain who it was supporting. It’s a very emotional thing, because we never imagined we would be in a position where we would need that support. To be honest, I know it’s not cheap, and it’s not about the proceeds at the end, It’s simply knowing that people care that much and want to wear it and put it out there. It starts a conversation too. People ask, and then they  know what Lissencephaly is and they now know who Hudson Boeddeker is. I have yet to see a stranger wearing it, but I can imagine I’ll be a blubbering mess when I do. It just means so much to Kyle, Hadley and I.

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