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Nashelle Warrior Summer Update: Danielle Pratt

We at Nashelle Jewelry are always in awe of the strength, beauty and grace demonstrated by our 2017 Nashelle Warrior, Danielle Pratt. Danielle has debilitating Lyme disease. You can read more about her journey with Lyme disease in this blog post.

We recently caught up with Danielle on her trip home to Bend, Oregon. Danielle and her family have been living with family on Oahu so Danielle could escape the harsh, cold conditions that Bend experienced this past winter and spring. She has been working with a talented and forward thinking doctor in Hawaii. Although her health has been negatively impacted by the complications that go along with Lyme disease, Danielle draws strength from her supportive husband and three children whom she adores.


1. What challenges have you been facing the past few months?

Challenges we've been facing these past few months: I've hit some very low lows with my health. Fighting the co-infections from Lyme Disease are proving to be even harder than the Lyme was. We thought I was dying in May and I came very close. I'm now seeing an amazing doctor up to six times each week and we are making constant improvements though it's so hard on all five of us. My kiddos are without me for these lengthy appointments daily and the financial hardship is extreme. Cory feels the brunt of it all and hasn't had a day off in months and months just so that he can try to keep bills paid, doctors paid, a roof over our head and food on the table... he is the true definition of a Lyme Disease victim as our my kiddos. What they endure often times brings me to tears.

2. What are you currently grateful for?

I'm currently grateful for: each new morning is a gift. In May, we didn't know if I was going to make it and it bring a new appreciation for the simple things in life!  I'm soooooo grateful for my husband and his friendship and constant love. I'm grateful for each of my three kiddos who help me even when they are not asked and can tell when I have to just lay down...  they'll come be with me so I'm not alone.   I'm grateful that even though we had to leave all we know and love that we have had amazing family time that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING!  And I'm beyond grateful for my new doctor and his ability to look beyond the "box" and truly help me!

3. What do you think about when you see your “live it out” jewelry?

I see soooooo much love and support even in the darkest of moments when I see people wearing our "Live It Out" jewelry!  This battle has made us feel extremely alone at times and it's sooooo encouraging to know hay others are there fighting alongside us and loving on us!  We cannot thank you all enough!

Please help us support Danielle by purchasing one or more of her 2017 limited edition charity items, the Live It Out Necklace and the Live It Out Men's Cuff. Nashelle is proud to be a company that gives back. Thank you for helping us support others.


Live It Out Necklace - $98

Live It Out Men's Cuff - $48

Check back throughout the year for more information and updates on our 2017 Nashelle Warriors. Nashelle donates one plate of food for each piece of jewelry sold. We also have a variety of jewelry with 100% of the proceeds benefit those in need. Shop all of our charity jewelry from our "Shop For A Cause" collection.

Photos courtesy of Kaley Broberg Photography.