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New Design Inspiration From Heather Nashelle

There’s no question that Heather Nashelle, along with her entire team, has had a lot on their plate the last couple of months. Even though the stress and work levels have been high, Heather has poured her heart and soul into her two new lines (coming March 2017).


Heather shares, “I pay attention to women, what they’re like and what interests them. It helps me understand what they want to accessorize with when I know if they’re edgy, soft, motherly or subtle.” The future collection comes from her passion for metal arts and the transcendence she experiences while creating jewelry. “It’s like time stands still while I’m creating; It’s a different level of mentality for me” said Heather.


pic 1Last week Heather traveled to a gem fair in Tucson, Arizona, where she found hundreds of new materials. These new materials will be utilized in the two upcoming lines. The new spring and summer lines are inspired by nature, music and the positive energy that surrounds us each day.  Heather has been hard at work in the studio bringing her visions to life for the upcoming collections – there’s a lot to look forward to in the world of Nashelle!