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Nashelle Blog

  • Gift Giving!

    It’s getting close to the gift-giving season, and Nashelle wants to make it easy on you!  We have something for every type of person on your list… whether it’s the fashionista, the classic beauty, the rock & roller, the mommy, or the man in your life, we will have our suggestions for finding that perfect present!
    We love all the options found in our ‘Signature’ line.  Ideal for that fashion lover on your list, many pieces feature large stones, bright colors, and an array of totally unique designs!  You are sure to find something that suits her confident style and bold personality! <3<3
    Shop signature here: https://nashelle.com/shop/category/signature and check back next week for more gift giving ideas!

  • Nashelle Giving Back to Local Schools

    Nashelle’s owner and founder Heather Straw knows what’s important! She takes time out of her busy professional life and crazy family schedule to bring the arts to our local schools… Seven Peaks School has been one of the lucky schools that Heather has brought her jewelry making expertise to. She shares her knowledge and creativity with these middle school students to bring them a little bit of passion and inspiration. Armed with metals, gemstones, tools, and years of experience, she helps them create their own masterpieces; jewelry they are proud to wear, gift, and show off!  These classes also teach them Nashelle’s mission of paying it forward… each student is also required to create a piece to donate to either Sparrow Club or the Family Access Network. Raising money for these organizations teaches them the importance of giving back to their community, something that is so dear to Heather’s heart.  It’s Heather’s goal to be able to encourage kids everywhere to partake in the arts, to never stop creating, and to ‘Pay it Forward!’ <3<3
    A special thanks goes to Kimberly Teichrow Photography for the amazing photos! http://www.kimberlyteichrow.com/ <3


  • Jewelry Trends at Paris Fashion Week!

    Rumor has it the biggest jewelry trend at Paris’s ready-to-wear fashion show this month is just that… BIG! Seen everywhere from  Givenchy, Chanel, and Lanvin, the statement was that big and bold  metal necklaces and bracelets were THE go-to item to pair with the latest fashions.  From many of fashion’s names, metal was the jewelry material of the day, including lots of darkened metals such as oxidized silver and warm golds and brass with a rich patina.
    The best thing about these trends is that they are ready to wear, and so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe! Here are some of our favorites!

    1. Shield ‘Pure’ Necklace…  A best seller!  A gorgeous plate of brass for the ultra-statement necklace! http://1. Shield ‘Pure’ Necklace… A best seller! A gorgeous plate of brass for the ultra-statement necklace! https://nashelle.com/shop/product/shield-pure-necklace

    2. Aislin ‘Alchemy’ Necklace… As seen in STNDRD Magazine Holiday Issue!  This gun metal big looped chain with 2 brass pendants is a must have!  A great statement piece!  https://nashelle.com/shop/product/aislin-alchemy-necklace

    3. Amity ‘Pure’ Bangle…A timeless, chic bangle for every day wear! You won't go wrong with this! A wider look for a bigger statement. https://nashelle.com/shop/product/aislin-alchemy-necklace
    4. Cairo ‘Alchemy’ Bracelet… This mixed-metal bracelet is so cool and edgy! Two big links of rocker chain are the centerpiece for this amazing piece! https://nashelle.com/shop/product/aislin-alchemy-necklace

  • Nashelle in The Old Mill District

    We are SO excited! The Nashelle team is hard at work opening up our first ever POP-UP STOREFRONT!  Located in Bend’s Old Mill Shopping District, this highly visible and high-traffic area is the perfect venue for a temporary store through the Holiday season… “It will be a GREAT experiment for possibly opening up other storefronts around the US in the future,” says Nashelle owner and founder Heather Straw.
    Nashelle’s grand opening of the Old Mill Pop-Up is scheduled for October 20th, and we will also be celebrating our 12th anniversary with wine, tasty treats, and a very special giveaway to honor 12 years of doing what we love… making beautiful, handmade jewelry that speaks to the soul.
    Come see us at our Pop-Up store in The Old Mill District this holiday season, and of course, our Flagship Showroom is always open to the public, and can be found at 61511 American Lane, in beautiful Bend, Oregon!  <3<3

  • Our latest 'Pay it Forward' Mission!

    We are THRILLED to announce the latest ‘Pay it Forward’ mission from Nashelle! After much dreaming, planning, hard work, and excitement, one of our biggest wishes is finally coming true!  With every piece of jewelry Nashelle sells, we will be donating one meal to local or national food banks!

    We are proud to partner with local non-profit Neighbor Impact, a private nonprofit organization established to serve and speak out for economically disadvantaged people in Central Oregon. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty by helping remove the barriers that prevent people from achieving economic self-sufficiency.
    Their work is founded on confidence that the community, including local governments, the private sector and low-income persons, can work together to forge solutions to both the immediate impacts of poverty and its long-term causes. Please visit www.neighborimpact.org for more information.

    Nationally, we will be working with Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Their mission is to feed America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. Through their networks of food banks, Feeding America distributes over 3 billion pounds of food a year! To find out more, and to see ways YOU can help, visit www.feedingamerica.org.

    We are so excited that we are able to share the success we have had, and to have the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and help children and families across the country put healthy meals on the table and work towards a better future! ‘Start locally and watch the world begin to flourish!’

  • 'Inspiration Giveaway' Winners!

    We would like to share the inspiring stories of the three women who won our ‘Inspiration Giveaway.’  These three women were nominated by friends or family, and you can see what an impact they have had on others around them. Whether they have met difficult circumstances with grace and determination, lived a full life with compassion and kindness, or pushed for a better world around them, we were truly inspired by their stories, and are excited to shower them with Nashelle love!
    Here are their stories:

    Samantha Long
    I work with a 28 year who has the stamina that is unbelievable. She faced Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, fought it bravely, while all the time continuing her daily teaching, continuous fund raising (which she has always done), and going for her doctorate. She has a wonderful boyfriend who  is there for her, as well as a wonderful family and huge circle of friends.
    After her battle, she thought she was cancer free, but they found pancreatic cancer and had to do a Whipple surgery, which at 28 is hardly heard of. She went through that and was about to return to work, when she got a further diagnosis. She had a MET in her liver. She is about to have another surgery. Through this, she has still stayed positive and has made a blog about this journey. The first time I wrote this she hadn't done a video on Youtube, but I'm hoping you will look at it for a minute, and decide yourself why she should be nominated. She has a million friends and prayers out there, and all she thinks about is making a goal in the charity (unfortunately, she wound up getting that particular kind of cancer. )
    She's bright, funny, beautiful inside and out, and I hate to think of a world without her spirit, but as she says, her spirit will never be gone while she's here to fight.
    The video is http://youtu.be/WGqbqCEYBd8 youtube: In Just One Year- Sam’s fight. Take a look.
    Elyse Unrath 57 years old
    teacher at Bridesburg Elementary, mother of 2, grandmother of 3
    About: Samantha Long 28 years old, and fighting for her life....

    Stephanie Gray Cox
    I want to nominate one of my best friends for the mom award. Her name is Stephanie Cox. I want to nominate her because I admire all that she does. I am recently a new mom and never knew how hard of a job it truly is. Stephanie was recently widowed in April when her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. I watch and just admire all that she does to take care of her and her two boys. I dont know how she does it all. From just everyday activities to doing special things with them. I know that some days have to be really hard for her and having to do it all alone. I think she deserves this truly awesome giveaway for all she does for Grayson and Dalton and never really getting the reward she deserves. It would be a great gift in what has been a really hard year for her.
    Crystal Rochelle

    *Stephanie was nominated multiple times by different people (some of whom wished to remain anonymous) and we can see that she is very much an inspiration to those around her!

    Linda Gott
    Dear Nashelle Family,

    My mom is the best person I know, and hands-down the best person I'll ever know. She's everything I want to be, but I know that if I could become even half the person she is, that would be an accomplishment. My mom (Linda) has had a harder set of circumstances to deal with in her life than most. I've often struggled understanding how so many bad things can happen to such a wonderful person, but her constant faith, grace, and humor in all these situations remind me to look at the positive, grateful for each day. When I was 5, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that had entered her liver--a beyond-daunting diagnosis. She rolled in to her first day of full-body radiation wearing a Groucho Marx glasses/nose/mustache set, and proceeded with that same sense of spirit throughout a long but winning battle with cancer. In the years since, her health has been far from easy, details that go unnoticed to most due to her lack of complaint. She spends every waking moment caring for those around her and honestly forgetting to take care of herself most of the time. When I'm home from college I volunteer to go to the grocery store because I know if she goes it will take hours--everyone wants to talk to Mom and hear her advice.

    Last year, I got a call I never expected--my dad telling me that mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Just like that, the journey began again. As of last week, she is three months cancer-free, and I couldn't be more thankful. My mom, sister, and I all wear our "Be Still" necklaces as a constant reminder of our faith, love, hope, blessings, and so much more. If there's one person I know who lives out the message of "being still" every day, it's my mom. In the midst of her treatment last year, I really wanted to take some time off from college to be at home with her, but I felt that she wanted me to continue with school. When we'd talk on the phone she'd express concern about my classes, whether I was eating enough, and more--just another example of her extreme selflessness. I don't know what I'm doing with my life, and that's fine...I just want it to be something that matters. I want my mom to be proud of me. And while I've always wholeheartedly believed, grounded in what my parents live out, that it's important to do what you want regardless of the money, I want to be able to spoil my mom a little. She truly deserves it.

    Thank you so much for all that you do at Nashelle. Despite not living in Bend anymore, I really appreciate keeping up with all that you are doing in and for the community.



  • Trending now!

    Trending Today:
    One of the hottest looks for fall is the Urban Tribal trend… seen all over the runways and spilling into stores.  Bold prints, geometric shapes, animal patterns… we have just the jewelry to accessorize this vibrant style!
    View our selection here: https://nashelle.com/shop

  • Steffany Woolsey and Nashelle on the News!

    Nashelle is SO honored to be helping Steffany Woolsey in her fight against brain cancer, and we so appreciate  KTVZ News Channel 21 for helping us spread the word!! We hope you are as moved as we are with this story and our Nashelle 'Pay it Forward Mission'. With the support of our AMAZING community, we are able to help Steffany and her family during a very difficult journey.  We are in awe of Steffany’s peaceful nature and quiet strength, and think her choice of wording for her necklace is absolutely perfect.
    “Be Still.”
    With each purchase of our 'Be Still' necklace, Nashelle is donating 100% of the net proceeds directly to Steffany and her family. Want to help? You can get yours here https://nashelle.com/shop/product/be-still-necklace! ♥
    Watch the story here:



  • Nashelle is heading across the country!

    It’s gearing up to be a busy summer for Nashelle!  It’s that time of year we love, where we get to travel across the country to attend several Gift and Trade Shows.
    This week, we will be in Atlanta, GA for the International Gift and Home Furnishings Market.  This is a HUGE show with multiple buildings and floors, all set up with different artisans and vendors.  So much fun to see all that is out there!
    Next week, Nashelle will be traveling to Los Angeles for the California Gift Show, which is another giant event featuring the hottest emerging product designers, artists and craftsmen. We are SO excited to be a part of this show!
    August and September will be crazy busy, and FUN , as we travel to New York City for two separate shows, The Accessorie Circuit and Fashion Coterie. The Accessorie Circuit is an awesome show that features designer and fine jewelry, handbags, and footwear all in one venue.  This event brings designers face to face with some of the most influential retailers and journalists in the global marketplace.  It is a tremendous opportunity to get the Nashelle brand out there and in the hands of more people! Fashion Coterie is another great event that gathers together like-minded artists, craftspeople, and retailers to showcase their most innovative and creative products and skills, and display and share ideas.
    Between gearing up for all these events, and the TONS of press we’ve been getting from the likes of Good Morning America, Chelsea Handler and Michelle Marie from E News, we couldn’t be more excited that Nashelle is becoming a household name! The more we get our name out there, the closer we are to reaching our goal… expanding our ‘Pay it Forward’ mission to help children and families in our community and beyond!<3<3


  • Nashelle's Top Ten Jewelry Essentials!


    Nashelle’s Top 10 Must-Have Jewelry Essentials!

    1. Identity pieces
    Want to keep someone you love close to your heart? Keep it simple and sweet with one of our most favorite, best-selling necklaces of all time!  Whether it’s from a loved one or something you choose yourself, these keepsakes come in charms, bars, shapes, and stones. It’s that piece of jewelry you can wear every day, layered or alone... A definite staple!
    Explore our ‘Identity’ collection here: https://nashelle.com/shop/category/identity
    2. Chandelier Earrings
    Nashelle’s take on classic Chandelier Earrings… Big and bold, a chandelier style earring can take any outfit to the next level. They can instantly pull together a casual jeans and t-shirt look, add the final touch to an evening out, or transform your work outfit into something chic and classy.  Earrings this bold can often be worn alone, especially if they are as big and bright as these!
    Shop these Acacia ‘Signature’ earrings here: https://nashelle.com/shop/product/acacia-signature-earrings
    3. Statement Necklace:
    For the truly self-assured, a statement necklace is the ultimate finale to a fierce outfit!  You can change the entire feel of an ensemble with one piece of jewelry, taking a simple dress from demure to daring. A bold necklace will draw the eye upward and bring attention to the face, so confidence is a must!
    Find Nashelle’s Brienne ‘Pure’ Necklace here: https://nashelle.com/shop/product/brienne-pure-necklace
    4. Hoops
    Every girl knows hoops are essential! The definitive must-have, there are so many options from little to huge, textured, blingy, thick or thin… endless possibilities! Hoops are what you throw on when you need to tie a look together, but don’t need your earrings to be the main focus.  Hoops are the “neutral” in jewelry!
    Discover Nashelle’s ‘Pure’ Hoops, a classic thin hoop in varying sizes, or shop around for other unique styles: https://nashelle.com/shop/search-results/280b8a8584339f24dc3d87507f42cda5/
    5. Cuffs
    Arm Candy! It’s like the statement necklace for your wrist! Cuffs can range from thin and delicate to thick, heavy and bold! Solid metal, stones, leather, or a combination of all the above, you’re only limited to your imagination… We love these rocker chic leather and metal cuffs from the new ‘Brazen’ line!
    6. Pendant Necklace
    These types of necklaces are great for layering… hanging from chains that vary in length from your collar bone to your navel, you can pair them with other necklaces. You don’t need to be matchy, but keep a theme in mind when layering. Go ahead and mix metals, but make sure the styling is similar, and the look is cohesive when combined. 
    We like this Mirai ‘Signature’ Necklace here: https://nashelle.com/shop/product/Mirai-Signature-Necklace
    7. Drop Earrings
    Supreme sophistication… drop earrings add polish to any outfit, and can be eye-catching yet still understated… drop earring come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are incredibly versatile!
    Check out our Abilene ‘Signature’ drop earrings here: https://nashelle.com/shop/product/abilene-signature-earrings
    8. Something Turquoise
    Bright and summery, a bold piece of turquoise jewelry adds breeziness to your warm weather get-up.  Whether it’s a big ring, stand-out earrings, a cute cuff, or a swingy necklace, turquoise just exudes laid back summer love!
    Discover our Corsica ‘Signature’ Necklace here: https://nashelle.com/shop/product/corsica-signature-necklace
    9. Chain Link Bracelet
    Versatile to the max!  Chain links can take on so many different looks, depending on how it’s styled. Visualize punk rock, nautical, biker, or demure like Chanel.  A good quality, thick chain link bracelet is adaptable to so many styles!
    Our heavy duty Cairo ‘Alchemy’ Bracelet is right here: https://nashelle.com/shop/product/Cairo-Alchemy-Bracelet
    10. Bangles
    Have you seen the latest trend called “arm parties?”  Wrists full of bangles, pinch cuffs, and woven bracelets are all the rage right now, and we ADORE an arm full of bling!  A must-have for sure, bangles bring that touch of easy shimmer to any outfit!
    Shop bracelets here: https://nashelle.com/shop/category/bracelets

    Those are Nashelle’s Top Ten must have jewelry accessories… Do you have any essentials we missed? Let us know!

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