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  • 'Be Still'

    Nashelle would like to introduce you to Steffany Woolsey. She is our newest friend that we will be supporting through her battle with cancer.  Steffany has shared her story with us, and we would now like to share it with you.  

    Steffany Woolsey is a loving wife, sister, daughter, and mother to two sons, Sawyer (4) and Calvin (2). Last summer, at age 37, she began experiencing infrequent dizzy spells and within a month was diagnosed with a grade IV brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme, widely considered the most aggressive and most lethal form of brain cancer. Steffany underwent a successful surgery to remove the tumor in September, followed by 6 weeks of chemo and radiation; since then, she has had biweekly infusions of a treatment designed to inhibit the growth of new blood vessels that feed tumors. Her most recent scan (in May 2012) showed no new progression of the cancer, and she remains hopeful that a combination of conventional and holistic medicine will allow her a good few more years with her family and friends. You can find health updates and follow her progress on the Facebook group page "Friends of Steffy" at http://www.facebook.com/groups/friendsofsteffy/. 

    Steffany says, “My family and I have been incredibly blessed with support, love, and encouragement since my cancer diagnosis... Although I’m not glad I have cancer, I’ve been given a new appreciation for life that nothing can replace. Now, I wake up every morning grateful to be alive! I’m thankful for the energy to chase my two sons around, and I hug my husband every chance I get. My life's verse on this journey is Psalm 46:1-2: 'God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth do change.’” 

    Nashelle and Steffany have created a necklace together that reflects her experience with cancer, and her journey to recovery.  We invite you to read her story, and join us in helping Steffany and her family though this difficult time. 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of her ‘be still’ necklace will go towards easing the substantial financial load that this disease can cause. Steffany has relied heavily on her faith, her family, and her friends to battle this disease, and tells us in her own words how she came to choose ‘be still’ as her inspiring phrase for this necklace.

    “The phrase I settled on is simply ‘be still.’ It may surprise you in its simplicity, but I’ve thought about it a lot, and I feel it reflects my cancer experience on multiple levels. For example, it speaks to how cancer has helped me recognize that I’m not in control...but God is. Having brain cancer has forced me to slow down and reinvest my time, energy, and passion in things that really matter. When I choose to be still instead of letting myself fret or grow anxious, I find it much easier to choose joy in the little things—details that so easily escaped my notice back when I took my health for granted! The phrase “be still” can also be found in Psalm 46:10—“Be still and know that I am God”—where it highlights the futility in trying to be strong on my own and instead letting God carry me.”

    Steffany's necklace can be found on our website here: https://nashelle.com/shop/product/be-still-necklace

    Please help us in our support of this inspiring woman and her beautiful family!  With the help of the Nashelle community, we can truly make a difference for them and help ease the strain!<3<3



  • Nashelle proudly supports KIDS Center

    We were so blessed to be invited to a luncheon recently benefitting The KIDS Center, a child abuse intervention center here in Bend, Oregon. We heard the stories of two brave women who were victims of child abuse, but with the help of The Kid’s Center, they were able to receive treatment and begin on a path to healing through family support and therapeutic services.  This wonderful organization receives no government funding, and rely solely on the generosity of our AMAZING community!!!  With nearly 600 guests in attendance at today’s luncheon, you can see that we truly have a community that cares.  Nashelle is proud to help in the support of this much needed service, and today we were able to become a member of the  ‘Healing Hearts’ Society by donating $1000. Several generous donors in our community pledged to match each $1000 donated, up to $10,000!!!  Such generosity will help The Kid’s Center continue their vital work! Thank you to the KIDS Center for doing such important work here in our little town, and thank you to our Central Oregon family for helping them continue on their mission to provide every victim of child abuse in our town begin their road to healing!

    Please visit www.kidscenter.org to find out how you can help, whether that means donating your time, money, or learning how you can prevent child abuse.



  • Lives on the Line

    Nashelle is SO honored to be a part of this incredible collaborative project! Owner and founder Heather Straw has been recognized as a successful business woman that is making a change in our community, and we met with photographer Amanda Conde and Global Shine Project founder Amanda Stuermer today.  We enjoyed talking with them about this project and sharing stories of our children and families while Heather was having her portrait taken for the installation. We wanted to share some photos of the morning. As you can see, Heather’s youngest son Gavin was overseeing the whole thing!<3
    Our deep belief in starting locally to better the world is shared by the Global Shine Project, and we are so excited to be introduced to other inspiring members of our local family that are effecting a positive change in the world.  If you’re able, please join us on June 1st at the Oxford Hotel to view this poignant installation!
    Below is the mission statement and press release from this amazing organization:
    Lives on the Line
    Celebrating the power of women to be catalysts for change…
    Lives on the Line is an interactive, multi-media art installation featuring local women  who are creating change in their own lives, in their community, and in their world, and will be held June 1st at the Oxford Hotel in Bend, OR.  The event will include portraits by local photographer Amanda Conde, storytelling, film, and interactive elements designed to empower women in our community of all ages and backgrounds- from teenage mothers determined to stay in school to successful business women determined to make a difference.
    Global Shine (GSP), a non-profit located in Bend, is hosting the event as part of its mission to empower women to be catalysts for change. GSP also offers in-school programs at local middle and high schools as well as workshops, service projects, and service travel opportunities.
    “We believe that in order to create change in our lives, in our communities, and in the world, women have to let themselves be seen and heard.” Said Amanda Stuermer, founder of Global Shine Project, “This project gives women a face and a voice.”  Stuemer hopes to grow the event and invite women from other communities to add their faces and stories to the line. “When we are connected & inspired as women, we have amazing potential to be catalysts for change. We want to celebrate that and we want to invite our community to the party!”
    Any funds raised at the June 1st event will go towards GSP programs for women and girls.
    For more information, please visit http://www.globalshineproject.com

  • Nashelle ? F.A.N.

    Recently, we had the awesome opportunity to go to a fundraiser supporting the Family Access Network. This extraordinary organization was created to support any and all families in need in the Deschutes County area.  The amount of need we have in our community alone is overwhelming. It was empowering to continue to learn how we all can help; it was equally impressive to learn how strong the support is in our community. We heard stories from parents that were able to receive help during their time of need. We heard a very personal testimony from a teen that received help and as a result, has continued on to create a positive outcome... ♥ For years, The Straw Family/Nashelle has supported F.A.N and today reaffirmed our passion for this phenomenal organization.
    Nashelle Jewelry is proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to F.A.N., Deschutes County's non-profit organization that strives to keep shoes, clothing, glasses and other basic needs on our local children that are less fortunate. We are excited to offer pieces from our best-selling 'Identity' Initial line for which the net proceeds will be donated to F.A.N., including necklaces, bracelets, and rings hand stamped with the F.A.N. logo. Find these pieces here: https://nashelle.com/shop/category/identity/P12  and please visit the Family Access Network here: http://www.familyaccessnetwork.org/
    Start locally and watch the world begin to flourish!

  • Kourtney Kardashian ?s Nashelle!!!

    Kourtney Kardashian has been spotted around town wearing her custom Nashelle ‘Identity’ necklaces! Hers are engraved with baby Mason’s name, and clustered with mini id bars bearing a K, an M, and a lucky wishbone! What a proud mommy!♥
    What a perfect Mother’s Day gift! Create yours here: https://nashelle.com/build-your-own-jewelry
    Lots of love to all those mommies out there!

  • Springtime is Upon Us!

    “In spring time, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head.”-Emma Racine deFleur ♥♥

    At Nashelle, we feel the love in the spring breeze! To celebrate the new season, we’ve created a gorgeous line that embodies what the new spring means to us, and here's your sneak peek! Ethereal, whimsical, bold, and fresh are just a few of the words that come to mind when we envision the feel of the coming months.  It’s time to put on your rain boots and your favorite dress and go splash in some puddles. Dig through the dirt and find those crocuses making their way up to the sun.  ♥Enjoy all the newness surrounding us in this inspiring season!! ♥

    P.S. Check back soon on www.nashelle.com for the launch of the spring line!

  • Nashelle wants to know how YOU 'Pay It Forward'? xoxo

    Surprise!! Today at Nashelle is 'Pay It Forward' Thursday!!! ♥ ♥ Everyday is a day to be aware, to care, to reach out and try to make someones day a little brighter, a little easier. We are all in this journey of life together and together, we will make a difference. Here at Nashelle, we want to know: How do YOU 'Pay It Forward'? How do YOU reach out to do your part in helping our world, your community, everyday strangers? The first 135 people to answer this question in detail with love and truth will receive our one time exclusive 'Pay It Forward' bracelet. A simple heart on a cognac suede wrap. Share away and spread the love! ♥ ♥

  • This beautiful journey of life.... Build your own story. xoxo


    Gavin River 2.5 years old with older brother Logan Scott 4.5 years old. xo

    Little G showing off his new haircut and I must admit, very impressive scar.
    His older brother Logan, requested to have ‘lightening bolts’ added to his haircut in honor of his little wingman, Gavin. So precious!! xo

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