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What We Stand For

What We Stand For

Nashelle is dedicated to extending a helping hand to those in need, in our own little community and beyond.  It is our intention that with every piece of jewelry we sell, we are able to give back to those in need… whether it be in helping to feed or clothe a child, aid a family with unforeseen medical expenses, or supporting our local schools.

It is Nashelle's belief that if we start locally, it can extend globally.  By ‘paying it forward’ we hope to encourage others to give what they can to their own communities, and continue a spirit that is generous in love in the global community that we all share.

We are inspired by each true life experience. Knowing we are all working hard in big and also simple ways to make our world a better place…That is what is so very important.

The Nashelle Team

Meals: Feeding America + NeighborImpact

For every piece of jewelry sold, Nashelle will donate 1 plate of food to local charity Neighbor Impact, or national charity Feeding America. You will know that with every piece you buy, you are helping to put food on the table of families not only in our community here in Bend, but also across the country! ♥♥

Visit: www.neighborimpact.org and feedingamerica.org

Cancer Awareness

We have been blessed to be able to help families in their battles against cancer, and we are dedicated to continuing the fight by supporting organizations that are standing up to this disease!

50% of the net proceeds from our 'Hope' necklace will be donated to the organization www.standup2cancer.org.


Family Access Network (F.A.N.)

Nashelle Jewelry is proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to F.A.N., Deschutes County's non-profit organization that strives to keep shoes, clothing, glasses and other basic needs on our local children that are less fortunate. 

Visit www.familyaccessnetwork.org to learn more! 

KIDS Center

Nashelle makes a monthly monetary donation to KIDS Center, our community's child abuse prevention, evaluation and treatment
center, serving kids throughout Central Oregon.

KIDS Center is dedicated to the prevention, evaluation and treatment of child abuse, and Nashelle is dedicated to supporting this invaluable organization!

Go to www.kidscenter.org to learn more and find out how YOU can help!

Pay It Forward Bracelets

Our Pay It Forward bracelets are a symbol of love, of recognition, of the global community that we are all a part of… These bracelets were designed to be SHARED! Buy two and pass one along, and share the bracelet with someone who looks like they need a little extra light in their day. The proceeds from these bracelets go to provide jewelry for our jewelry classes, and various fundraising efforts throughout the year! Contact us to find out where the proceeds are going at this time.

At only $15, it is a simple way for everyone to play a part in helping, healing, and having a voice.

Be The Change

When you buy “Be the Change” necklaces or rings, 50% of the net proceeds go to support Food for the Hungry's work for supporting female entrepreneurs all over the world.

Through Food for the Hungry programs, women are running chocolate businesses in Peru, selling candles and kitchen wear in Guatemala, farming in Rwanda and running sewing businesses in Bangladesh. Women are earning more income and increasing their power and influence in communities.

Be a part of real change by supporting women worldwide to become empowered and leave poverty behind!

Learn more at www.fh.org