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Handmade Jewelry for Busy Women

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Handmade Jewelry for Busy Women
Your alarm goes off, you roll over, take a big stretch, maybe even smile, open the drapes and let the sunshine in, drink some coffee, take your shower, do your morning rituals, then leave the house looking gorgeous and bright, with accessories to match…

And then you wake up!

The kids are running around, you need to feed the dog, pack lunches, maybe brush your teeth, “Yoga pants again?”, work is calling, and where are your keys?!

Let’s face it, the demands of modern-day motherhood can be a beautiful mess. From challenging moments to those of pure joy, nothing can prepare you for the journey of parenting like the journey itself. The role of the modern-day mama is a balancing act. If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s rewarding, consuming, and ever-changing. You will struggle and you will succeed, but most importantly, you are not alone! And no matter how you feel today, to us, you are strong, and you are stunning!

With another school year just around the corner, activities picking back up, and all the usual demands of life – especially this past couple of years (hello, quarantine), it’s hard to focus on feeling your best but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! In fact, it’s absolutely possible!

We’re here to remind you that you deserve to feel beautiful and take a moment for yourself, even if it seems out of reach. Nashelle is more than just timeless, handmade jewelry, we are a community of women that encourage each other to find our best selves, our unique qualities and not least, strength. This spans beyond motherhood. It’s all women (yes, we’re pointing at you modern-day boss babes, too)!

So, let’s get you back on track with a little help from us, your friends! You’d be surprised how a few simple tweaks to your accessory game can help you look and feel your best. When we feel good and confident, we look good.

Our jewelry is ethically sourced and handmade by our women-owned, women-run business. We believe in fostering the beauty and grace that exists in all women, by creating pieces that speak to each woman's spirit.

You got this! Let’s get inspired.


gold necklace

Our necklaces are simple, sleek, and custom. Whether you are looking for something to accentuate your neckline or add delicate detail to your collection, we’ve got what you want. Our custom necklaces are handmade, stamped, and refined by our production team, just for you.

Take your classic jeans and t-shirt look from basic to brilliant by adding a hint of shine. Make that statement, babe! Flaunting your neckline is feminine and elegant without the hours of effort. Rock that Zoom call, run those errands, and dazzle the day away.

Feeling bold? Try layering!



gold bracelets and rings

Our gorgeous bracelets are the perfect accessory. The recycled metal of your choice is hand-forged to create bangles, cuffs, or clasps perfect for everyday wear. The days of chauffeuring your kids around just got that much better. Gaze at those glistening wrists and be gentle with yourself.

Know another mama who needs a pick me up? Bracelets are also great gift ideas! Our Identity Collection is entirely personalized, intimate, and charming. Each item is hand-stamped and made to order.

Check it out!


diamond earrings

At Nashelle, we specialize in unique, refined, and chic earrings. Our collection ranges from gemstone adorned dangles to classic hoops to conventional lightweight studs. Dress them up for a special night on the town with your girls or dress them down for a day at home. You don’t need to feel guilty, shine and elevate your individual style!


gold rings

Simple or statement, our rings are handmade and custom to what you desire. Personalize your ring with your choice of gemstone and metal. Our rings are beautiful on their own, and a fashionable accessory to stack with others.

Life is not all about looking the absolute best and beautiful but trust us, you deserve to shine bright like the star that you are.

Motherhood is the ultimate sacrifice, your family will most often come before the mere thought of yourself. The days are long, but the years go by fast. Standing out may seem like an uncomfortable afterthought and knowing where to even start can be even more daunting but by default, with your nurturing spirit, patience, and ability to think outside the box, you have more than earned the right to feel as gorgeous outside as you are on the inside.

Remind yourself today to do something that makes you feel good! Honor and take care of yourself!

Go ahead and wake up, take a big stretch, smile big, and be your own sunshine!

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