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New Year. New Focus. Fresh Perspective New Designs.

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New Year. New Focus. Fresh Perspective New Designs.



For 13 years, I’ve had a toddler on my hip or a baby in diapers. I’ve been pregnant for 4 years of my life. When I began creating jewelry 19 years ago in Alaska, I began with soldering beautiful Gem Stones and sterling silver.

And as I became a mother, I transitioned away from soldering because of my overwhelming fear of chemicals and fumes. I taught myself how to make designs solder free and based my entire collection off of this craft for years. Over the years, my talented design team grew, executing my sketches into beautiful works of craftsmanship.

This New Year, getting back to basics has been a dream. Ireland, our last child, is turning into a beautiful little girl. I am back to honing the craft of soldering, working with new beautiful stones and sketching new designs that I am excited to share with you; when they are ready.



It’s amazing how doing something I love so much feels just as exciting as the day I started 19 years ago.

It was that exact moment in class, that I fired up the torches for the first time, that I felt like I had come home to a place I was searching for my entire life.

This is my art.♥️







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