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Sustainable Jewelry

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Sustainable Jewelry

Ladies! Beautiful jewelry makes us feel good and look good, but that doesn’t always mean it’s good for the environment or social welfare.

At Nashelle, we’re not just creating beautiful, unique, personalized pieces, we’re doing our part and advocating for a better future for all simply by paying attention to sustainable resources, ethically sourced materials, and a genuine care for humanity.

But what does this really mean and how much of an impact can we really make? Well, you’d be surprised! Every little bit counts and we’re all in this together!

Let’s start with the environment.

Did you know that gold mining is one of the most destructive industries in the world? It has both environmental and community impacts that are often irreversible and this makes our hearts sink.

Just an ounce of unrecycled gold can result in 20 tons of solid waste! This is usually a result of a process called “heap leaching” wherein a cyanide solution is dripped through huge piles of ore to extract any gold. These piles are often left to become waste and can even contaminate possible drinking water. In fact, metal mining is one of the top toxic polluters in the US today, releasing harmful elements like arsenic, mercury, acids, and lead into our environment, including our waters. Furthermore, we’re not the only ones inhabiting our planet. These devastating truths have an impact on a variety of very special wildlife and plant species all over the world.

In addition to the environmental effects, there are many social concerns when it comes to responsible sourcing and practice.

For example, human displacement is sometimes a threat while large-scale mines take over previously inhabited land. This demands inhabitants to relocate and is often done without adequate notice. Individuals and families alike are ordered to up and leave, often with no reliable place to go. Families can even be separated from each other during this transition, causing a great deal of stress and trauma. This also includes tribal lands that have been occupied for generations and hold specific history and meaning to many individuals.

In cases where people are not required to move, they still have to adjust to their new, changing environment. Not only are health concerns an issue, but useable land is also destroyed, and overall livelihood is greatly affected.

While this could create potential job opportunities, they are often unsafe positions, in unsafe, polluted environments without adequate ventilation. This results in permanent side effects and involves unbelievably unfair wages when compared to the nature of the work. Therefore, as consumers (and us here at Nashelle), transparency is so vital.

There’s more.

The environment can be subsequently harmed after these products are made and purchased. As if there’s not already enough concern for our earth!

Many women opt for quick, affordable options when it comes to accessories as most of us simply don’t have the time to go searching for something we may need for a last-minute outing or event. Trust us, we get it! Sadly, a lot of these purchases are used maybe once and then go straight back to the landfill. These mass-produced products may seem to mean nothing to us but when looking at the bigger picture, they definitely do when it comes to the way we interact with our surroundings and those we’re sharing this planet with.

Just like sustainable fashion, sustainable jewelry faces many of the same challenges mentioned above as well as potential threats of over-consumption and business logistics. We strongly believe it is so important to handle our business with the same care we’d give to ourselves - the same love, gentleness, and consistency. We all deserve it!

Sustainable and ethical jewelry is all about awareness and fortunately, there are ways to have minimal impact on the environment and to avoid social conflict. This is ingrained so deeply in our values at Nashelle and we promise to be as transparent as possible about the process of our pieces. We’re always here and happy to answer any questions you may have about our business.

Lately, there’s been a huge boom of responsible, conscious creatives and we are all for it! This goes beyond the world of jewelry and into fashion, foods, and home décor. We admire this dedication and commitment to our society and are here to support likeminded individuals in our communities, both locally and globally.


sustainable jewelry

Each piece of jewelry we create is true to beauty, quality, and meaning. We aim to use recycled precious metals, ethical gems, and organic materials crafted individually to celebrate you and the essence you bring to this life. Straight from mine to market!

Our metals and gemstones are sourced from refiners that are in good-standing and support conflict-free practices. Each material is traceable to its original source and aligns with values of the protection of our shared resources and supportive communities. Not to mention they are absolutely beautiful!

Using ethical and recyclable metals and stones allows us to be trustworthy and be transparent with each and every one of you we cross paths with. It allows our hearts to be so full! Nashelle believes in eliminating world child labor and providing adequate wages and reasonable work hours to all employees across the board. And of course, we love protecting our environment and surroundings! You can see that our designs are inspired firstly by your uniqueness but reflect mother earth and all her loveliness, too.

With Heather having roots in wild Alaska, and Jennifer near the warm ocean waters, the natural world and all its grandeur are deeply rooted in their souls and therefore in Nashelle. Bringing business to Bend, Oregon has only elaborated on capturing the outdoorsy and mountainous beauty in each piece of jewelry or inspiration. When you wear Nashelle, you’re wearing magnificent, sustainable art that makes you feel beautiful and truly connected to your natural surroundings.

sustainable jewelry

We want to support humanity because we thrive on doing good for the good of all. We believe in the power of supporting our local communities, whether it be contributing meals to a family in need, sharing and collaborating with leaders and local nonprofits, or volunteering our time, it is part of our mission to empower and support others. We have raised over 1,117,452 meals (and counting) to those facing scarcity in our country. And we don’t plan on stopping here!

We’ve been partnering with Feeding America for the past 8 years and have the honor of supporting other amazing organizations like Neighbor Impact and the Giving Plate. These nonprofits aid families in need as well as donate boxes of food to the homeless and displaced in Central Oregon. When you find the right partners, you just know!

We care so deeply about the people in our local and national communities and are proud to support organizations that add immense value to our world.

At the end of each day, we are SO thankful to be a part of such a beautiful circle of conscious consumers and caring individuals like you. Philanthropy, sustainability, and women empowerment come together in each act of our work, and we love sharing this with others.

We are inspired by each true-life experience, and take comfort in knowing we are all working hard in big and also simple ways to make our world a better place. We’re all about fostering the beauty that exists in all women and speaking to each woman’s spirit, all while making a difference in our world. Thank you for supporting our mission!

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good.



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