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Jewelry Care Basics

Jewelry Care Basics


All of our jewelry is made with 14K gold fill, 14K rose gold fill, or sterling silver. The process of pressure bonding makes the jewelry tarnish & chip resistant, unlike gold plating. A gold-filled finish will not flake off or chip & is tarnish resistant, if properly maintained & cleaned.

How can i keep my jewelry looking it's best?

  • Store or hang jewelry away from other metals. Items like metal jewelry hangers will cause jewelry to oxidize.
  • Avoid exposing jewelry repeatedly to water
  • Avoid spraying oils, perfumes or harsh chemicals on or near your items.
  • Do not store in the bathroom, the humidity causes items to tarnish more quickly.
  • If possible, store clean items in a ziplock bag (or other airtight container)

How do I clean my pieces when they start to look weathered?

  • Mild soap & warm sudsy water. Rinse clean & pat dry with a soft, non-abrasive cloth
  • Use a jewelry polishing cloth, like a Sunshine Cloth
  • Finally, for especially grungy items, use a cleaner like Tarn-x®

With proper care & precaution, your Nashelle jewelry items will look beautiful for years to come...

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Fashion Feeding Hunger

Fashion Feeding Hunger

A Note from Heather: Partnering with Feeding America & Tony Robbins.

Heather Nashelle

As the founder of @nashellejewelry I am very excited to announce that this Holiday Season, starting November 1st, Nashelle and our dedicated team are focused to embrace our core mission even stronger; Fashion Feeding Hunger.

We believe wholeheartedly in helping our local and national communities + we are blessed with our continued partnership with @feedingamerica ♥️ This Holiday Season in the spirit of giving, we have changed our mission from one plate of food donated with every piece of jewelry we sell, to FIVE plates of food!!😍 But it gets even more heartwarming.

@tonyrobbins has partnered with Feeding America and is matching every single donation we make; meaning our FIVE plates from Nashelle will become TEN.👏🏻 You guys, we are so excited this year to make a enormous impact on a topic that is near and dear to all of our hearts at Nashelle; individuals and families facing food scarcity.♥️ This is a big step for #Nashelle and we are blessed to be sharing our commitment with you!
Xx, Heather


Tony Robbins

Read Feeding America's full 100 Million Meals Challenge article here:


*one donation is the equivalent of one meal.

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