Nashelle jewelry is handmade. Due to the time, love, and attention that goes into creating your order, production can take up to 2 weeks.

What's that scent you're wearing?

What's that scent you're wearing?

That's what we keep hearing whenever we wear our Signature {Love + Light, la parfum.}

This soft Coconut + Floral fragrance has been years in the making. Named Love + Light to remind us to choose Love over Hate, Light over Darkness. Positive vibes to light up the world from the inside out.

What's the difference between a "perfume" and a "parfum", you ask?

Both have a higher concentration of essences, while the parfum is slightly more subtle.

From High to Low concentration:
Perfume > Eau de Parfum > Eau de Toilette > Eau de Cologne.

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A Note from CEO/Founder, Heather:

My greatest love is to inspire others and to create. It’s what fills my soul and gives me fuel to see others grow as an individual, have fun and excel as well.
So I did a thing...
A handful of months ago, I developed our signature scent for Nashelle.
You guys. I’m dying. It’s sooooooo yummy!
Coconut and floral tones. 🌸
Have you ever wanted to develop your own scent?
Message me and I can share with you how we did it! SO enjoyable!




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