The Nashelle you know & love is a handmade jewelry company with a lead in trending accessories, a taste for alternative bohemian lifestyle, and a heart for giveback. A brand you follow for soulful inspiration; jewelry you wear to accentuate your inner and outer beauty. The story of how Heather Nashelle took her brain child from living-room floor to a globally-recognized-brand, is one for the books. With Alaskan roots, Heather Nashelle has drawn inspiration from the changing of seasons and nature, juxtaposing angular gems and hand hammered metals, since she took her first metals class at University of Alaska Southeast.

Heather discovered Bend, Oregon as a runaway bride bound for California to design, ironically, engagement rings. She created jewelry by night and watched as her designs flew off her neck the next day. As it was booming locally. Heather married, had her first of five sons, and found all the inspiration she needed to take Nashelle to the next level.

She rented a warehouse in 2006 to facilitate her growing business and start her dream of selling wholesale. There was no way to believe that just 12 years later, she'd be filling orders for Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Free People and boutiques around the world.

Heather immediately knew that she had to pay it forward and give back in any way she could. It was and has been the heart and soul of Heather Nashelle and Nashelle Jewelry since the very beginning. By partnering with local charities and Feeding America, #FashionFeedingHunger was born. Heather knew that donating a plate of food for every piece of jewelry sold meant she was always doing her share in our local and global community.

Now remarried to the love of her life, Heather Nashelle balances her tribe of six children (five boys & one adorable girl) and her team of 22 creatives around the clock, fiercely loving every moment life brings her; knowing every step of the way that Nashelle is more than just one person; it would not be where it is today without the strong incredible team that stands behind the Nashelle brand.

A letter from Heather...Nashelle's Newest Chapter:

Nashelle Jewelry has been my baby since 1999. Since then I've also become a bless mother of five boys and a little girl. Its been an incredible journey and many chapters of meeting new people, building a family, traveling, learning and growing. My passion for Nashelle lies in developing, creating, playing with colors, textures and staying current with attainable trends. It also lies in how drawn I am to strong women for wisdom and support; how beautiful all women are and their many facets. This last year, Nashelle and our family went through a tremendous amount of change and we took a step back to restructure; making sure we were right where we wanted to be; offering the best of the best.

This season, we are bringing back some of our sought after vintage pieces, introducing our new and of course, keeping our popular staple pieces that are beautiful on their own and gorgeous to layer!

One of the most exciting announcements that we've been waiting to release, is that while tightening up our company, we have been able to reduce expenses. We are thrilled to share that we've lowered prices by 25% without compromising quality or service. We appreciate the love and support we've received from our loyal customers and we look forward to our newest chapters ahead. This lifestyle brand at Nashelle is not only about our beautiful hand crafted products, it is also acceptance, unity, family, integrity, friendship and love.




Heather Nashelle

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