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Permanent Jewelry Appointment

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Welcome to your one-of-a-kind jewelry experience at our Bend, Oregon Nashelle Showroom. Here you can book an appointment for your new custom-fit Permanent Bracelet, Anklet, or Necklace. This is a gold or silver chain that we 'weld' onto your wrist or ankle, creating a seamless bracelet or anklet that feels like a second skin.

We offer a selection of 14k gold, 14k gold fill, and sterling silver chains to choose from when you arrive, as well as a wide selection of charms if you'd like to add a little extra personalization.

If you cannot make it to our showroom for your bracelet, shop all permanent chains in our NEW Solid Gold Bracelet Builder or our Gold Fill & Silver Bracelet Builder

Pricing: Book your appointment for FREE and buy your chains when we zap them on. Chains are sold by the inch to custom fit you, and prices differ by the chain. The average price range per bracelet is:

14k Gold: $140+

14k Gold Fill + Sterling Silver: $70+

  • Bring as many people (BFF, friends, mom, kiddos) as you would like. Each person will need a 15-minute appointment. There is no limit on how many pieces per appointment, so you can stack as many as you'd like!
  • Each appointment lasts for approximately 15 min, and we recommend coming a bit early if you'd like to take some time to try on the chains and find your perfect match.
  • The minimum age requirement is 12 with an adult or 15 alone. 

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What is "permanent jewelry"?

Also referred to as forever jewelry, endless chain, zapped jewelry, or welded bracelets,
permanent jewelry 
is a unique way to honor any commitment you might be making whether to a loved one or yourself. 
We will weld a custom-fit bracelet to your wrist or ankle using an easy, painless process. Because the bracelet is welded on, it does not have a clasp and therefore will "permanently" stay on until you decide to remove it or it breaks.


How much will my bracelet be?

We offer 14k yellow gold, 14k gold filled, and sterling silver in a variety of styles and thicknesses. Chain selections are subject to market availability, but we generally have about 20 different chains to choose from. Chains are sold by the inch. Specific chains and pendants are subject to availability.


Do you take walk-ins?

We accept walk-ins and will do our best to fit you in. If you would like a guaranteed spot please book an appointment.


What if I want to remove the chain?

These chains can be easily removed at home with a pair of scissors for thin chains or wire cutters for thicker chains. We are also happy to help you cut it off in the showroom.


What do I do if my bracelet breaks?

Please come see us at our Showroom if your chain breaks. We charge a $25 repair fee or weld it again for free if you choose to add another piece of jewelry. Great chance to add to your stack!


Are there any age restrictions?

We will apply bracelets to kids 12 and over with parental consent, or 15 and up without a parent.


I have a chain from another jeweler that broke - will you fix it?

We are happy to fix outside pieces, but require that you purchase one of our chains as well - good excuse to add to your stack!