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    made FOR YOU

    made FOR YOU

    Customize your jewelry with our handmade Identity Collection.



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    Blog posts

    • April 24, 2024 Poosh x Nashelle: Coachella – Part 2 of 2
      Poosh x Nashelle: Coachella – Part 2 of 2 Explore influencers wearing Nashelle jewelry at Coachella. Shop the look directly from the products shown in the photos.
    • April 19, 2024 Poosh x Nashelle: Coachella – Part 1 of 2
      Poosh x Nashelle: Coachella – Part 1 of 2 Discover Nashelle's latest jewelry at Coachella's Camp Poosh in this blog. Jennifer showcases unique pieces at this exclusive, vibrant event.
    • September 20, 2023 10 Fine Jewelry Pieces You Need in your Collection!
      10 Fine Jewelry Pieces You Need in your Collection!

      You may have noticed a few changes around Nashelle since we switched owners back in 2020. With the switch of owners, Nashelle has gone through a refresh, and among that refresh- has came the addition of Fine Jewelry. 

      Our fine jewelry collection features sleek, classic, and timeless pieces you will love forever and can pass down as heirlooms. Our fine jewelry collection has 14k gold pieces which are perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. 

      We have created a list of our Top 10 Fine Jewelry pieces you need to add to your collection right now!

      Dainty Chain

      Our Dainty Chain is a staple piece everyone should have in their jewelry collection. It’s the definition of a classic chain and one that will last you forever. You can choose from a variety of different metals (we love the 14k solid gold) and lengths. 

      Ball Chain

      A twist on our classic Dainty Chain, but still a staple piece in your collection. You can pair our Ball Chain with a charm or pendant. The reason we love the Ball Chain is because it seamlessly stacks with other necklaces in our collection.

      Chain Huggies

      We loved these from the moment we created them, and our customers love them just as much. Our Chain Huggies are great to dress up and down and spice up any outfit.

      They are also classic enough, so you can wear them on the daily. They look great stacked as well and were created to go in either your first or second holes.

      Gold Letter Charm

      Letter Charms have been a trend we have seen this year and we are happy to say, they are here to stay. These classic pieces are not going anywhere. If you are someone who likes to personalize everything this is for you. We also love giving these charms as a gift to your best friend, sister, or mom. 

      Herringbone Chain

      Our Herringbone Chain will never go out of style. It’s a must-have piece for every jewelry wearer. Keep it simple by wearing the Herringbone Chain solo or jazz it up by stacking with your other favorite necklaces. We love to pair these with a paperclip necklace. 

      Pearl Studs

      Pearl Studs are another classic piece to add to your jewelry collection. Forever a classic! Our Pearl Studs feature 6mm round freshwater pearls and come in white pearl, pink pearl, and black pearl.

      Endless Hoop Earrings

      These Endless Hoop Earrings will be a jewelry piece you will find yourself grabbing from your jewelry box day after day. You cannot go wrong with a good pair of hoops. This simple, classic design will make you feel elegant everyday no matter what you are doing.

      Muse Silk Hoop

      Our Muse Silk Hoop earrings is the jewelry piece you did not know you needed in your collection until now. These earrings are our twist on a classic hoop, but with a unique, one-of-a-kind upgrade. Think of these as the Endless Hoop Earrings big sister. 

      Diamond Charm

      We love our Diamond Charm because it adds a bit of elegance without being too flashy to any chain of your choosing. Our Diamond Charm is easily added to our other fine jewelry bestseller the Dainty Chain. 

      Tiny Dot Earrings

      We love a good pair of stud earrings and these fit the bill. This is the perfect classic piece and would be the perfect addition to any earring stack or can be worn solo. Either way, these are one of our most grabbed pieces. 

      Go check out the rest of your fine jewelry collection here. (LINK)

    • September 20, 2023 The Trend You Need: Permanent Jewelry!
      The Trend You Need: Permanent Jewelry!

      When you get a piece of Permanent Jewelry you’re not only getting a piece you can wear forever, you are getting a one-of-a-kind experience that is perfectly tailored to you!

      What is Permanent Jewelry?

      Permanent Jewelry is Jewelry you can wear forever. It’s a great way to show your style, commemorate an event, or give someone a gift they’ll love forever! Our permanent bracelets are custom-fit to your wrist or ankle, then welded without a clasp- so they are designed to never be taken off!

      With the bracelet being welded around your wrist or ankle you will get a piece that will stay on until you decide to remove it. These dainty chains create a seamless look without having a clasp, they’re perfect for the minimalist in all of us!

      With permanent jewelry, there are no worries about losing your favorite piece because they are now part of you.

      Who is Permanent Jewelry for?

      Permanent jewelry can be for anyone, but we love how permanent jewelry is a symbol of a special event or the permanence of a relationship or friendship. You can even get a permanent bracelet or ankle as a way to honor or celebrate a commitment you made to yourself.

      We love that you can experience getting a permanent bracelet with your best friend, friend group, sister, or mom. With permanent jewelry there’s something for everyone. 

      Permanent Jewelry Options

      We offer permanent jewelry in all styles including necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings and toe rings (yes - there is something for everyone!).

      You can choose from a variety of chain lengths, widths, and thicknesses. We have a wide selection of chains to pick from: 14k White and Yellow Gold, 14k Gold Fill, and Sterling Silver.

      Once you pick out your desired chain, then you can further customize and personalize your piece of permanent jewelry with charms, diamonds, gemstones, initials, and more.



      How do I schedule an appointment for a permanent bracelet? 

      Just click here (LINK) and book your permanent bracelet appointment for free and pay once you get you chain welded onto you.

      How much is a permanent bracelet?

      Because we price based on length, chain style, and if you add any personalizations prices will vary. As a starting base price you can expect to pay anywhere from $140 for 14k gold and $55+ for both 14k gold fill and sterling silver. Those prices do not reflect any personalizations. 

      Do you take walk-ins?

      We sure do, but we suggest you book in advance here (LINK) so you know you will get a spot. 

      What if I can’t make it into the shop?

      For those who are not local or cannot make it into the shop, we do have our Permanent Bracelet Builder where you can customize and personalize your own bracelet or anklet. 

      Can I remove the chain?

      Because these are permanent pieces of jewelry they are not designed to be taken off, however, if you do decide you want to remove your piece of permanent jewelry you can use a pair of wire cutters or nail clippers at home or we can accommodate you in one of our locations. 

      What if my bracelet or anklet breaks?

      If your piece of permanent jewelry breaks, just bring it back into the showroom and we’ll re-weld it on for a repair fee of $25. If you choose to add on another piece, we’ll re-weld your broken piece back on for no cost. 

      If you’re ready to book your permanent jewelry appointment, schedule here. (LINK)