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Milestone Achieved As Nashelle Transitions to New Ownership Jennifer Rehmert

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Milestone Achieved As Nashelle Transitions to New Ownership Jennifer Rehmert

BEND, Oregon (October 28, 2021) – Today marks a significant milestone for Nashelle Jewelry, as Heather Collard and Jennifer Rehmert, co-owners of the brand, announce that Jennifer has purchased the remaining interest in the company.

Founded by skilled jewelry designer and entrepreneur Heather Collard in 1999, the Nashelle brand has mindfully grown from a small one-woman shop to a national brand. In 2020, Heather partnered with Jennifer Rehmert, an experienced businesswoman and skilled investor in real estate and television production, including Celebrity Page TV, to relaunch the Nashelle Jewelry brand together. As a woman-owned and empowered company with the mission of creating unique and beautiful jewelry pieces and collections for everyday wear and special occasions, Nashelle is so much more than a jewelry brand. The company believes in empowering women and making jewelry that gives a little spark of joy to each person who wears the brand.

“When we started talking about the possibility of Jennifer purchasing my remaining interest in Nashelle,” stated Collard, “I was immediately filled with comfort and joy. Our partnership over the last two years has been a beautiful marriage, and it made me feel so good to know that the brand I have built with passion, courage, and purpose would be in great hands.”

Collard plans to move into a new phase of her professional career and personal life. She will be working with women-owned product companies as a business coach. Along with balancing her passion for supporting women, Collard is committed to spending more time with her family. Both Collard and Rehmert plan to stay connected and potentially partner on future projects for the brand.

The acquisition of the remaining Nashelle interest was effective earlier this month, and Rehmert will move forward with sole ownership as the CEO of the woman-owned brand.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity and honor to become the sole owner of Nashelle Jewelry,” stated Rehmert. “I am so passionate about continuing the mission of the brand to bring unique and beautiful handmade jewelry to our growing customer base and support our communities through the Nashelle Give Back program. The company will continue to be the Nashelle you know, and also will continue to evolve into the mature brand we are becoming!”

Shortly, you will see Nashelle hosting a pop-up shop at Pioneer Place in Portland, Oregon -- Grand Opening on November 11, 2021. Follow along and learn more about Nashelle Jewelry on their website

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